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“Dangerous” Ice: After an accident, she asks the city of Shannon to act

“Dangerous” Ice: After an accident, she asks the city of Shannon to act

A couple from Shannon, near Quebec City, crashed on February 10 while leaving their yard to go to a new job meeting.

“Because the ice is so high you can’t see anything, the car has to be halfway up the street so you can see. I often said: ‘At some point, an accident will happen’ and it will fall on us,” explained Marina Perupe.

Heavy accumulation of snow on the ground affects visibility. Snow reached about 6 feet.

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Despite taking many precautions, she and her husband collided with a vehicle traveling on the road.

“The window panes were cracked all over, there was smoke, there was a huge, very strong smell, and at one point I felt something hot running down my face, and I put my fingers up and I said: ‘Vincent, I’m bleeding from the head…'”

Due to a rare bone disease that made her extremely fragile, Ms Berube suffered multiple fractures to her ribs and one leg and had to stay in hospital for around ten days. After two days in the hospital her partner was able to return home. However, Walker has had to walk due to injury.

She is asking the city to make the area safer, especially since her residence is located near two elementary schools.

“I have so many inflows of children that I am overflowing with children in the morning, afternoon and evening. »

Ms. Berube specifically recommends that the city collect snow during future snow removal operations. He also wants measures aimed at reducing the speed of motorists, such as installing speed bumps or mobile speed cameras.

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For his part, Shannon’s mayor says he’s taking the situation seriously, and while he hasn’t closed the door on using the measures, the city will wait for the results of the police report before making a decision.

“As soon as we were notified we went to check the height of the ice bank […] The snowbank is higher than the entire region or the entire city and is no problem. Ice banks are all at the same height. Obviously, we have snow, so we have to put it somewhere,” Sarah Perrault said.

Regarding snow collection, the Town would like to point out that unfortunately there is no ice and such a solution is not possible in the short term.

In addition, Ms. Perrault confirms that the use of educational speed cameras in the department from October 1 to November 15 did not identify any speeding issues. The latter may soon return to the field.

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