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Aid to the elderly, allegations of plagiarism and a clumsy caricature are in the spotlight today.

Quebec Liberal Party leader Dominique Anglade campaigning on August 30, 2022

Photo: Radio-Canada / John Jaramillo

  • Both the CAQ and the PLQ have pledged up to $2,000 a year in support for those aged 70 and over, leading Dominique Anglet to call Francois Legault a “copycat”.

  • PQ leader Paul St-Pierre Plamondon presented his $3 billion-a-year environmental plan in Montreal. Later he moved to Lavaltrie and Terrebonne.

  • In Montreal, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, co-spokesman for Quebec’s solitaire, pledged to suspend the QST on new essential products before taking Quebec’s direction.

  • In Trois-Rivières, Conservative leader Éric Duhaime has promised tax cuts. He then went to Sauve to submit his nomination.

  • Sebastien Bovet, Parliamentary Bureau Chief for Radio-Canada, participates in morning radio from his hotel room.

    Sebastien Bovet, Parliamentary Bureau Chief for Radio-Canada, participates in morning radio from his hotel room.

    Photo: Radio-Canada / Alexan Drolet

    Welcome to our homeSebastien Bovet opens the door to his small room at 23e Site of a downtown Montreal hotel. The head of Radio-Canada’s Parliamentary Office is staying in the borough for the duration of the election campaign, and He invited us into his daily life “not like that Jet set It’s only “. Follow Sébastien Povet at the heart of election coverage.

  • Chairman of Conservative Party of Quebec CAQ said on Tuesday that the government has accumulated The worst deficit in Quebec’s history. Is public finance as bad as Eric Duheim claims? The truth is actually more nuanced… and trustingAccording to the committee VerificationWho saw the matter.

  • Is up to $2,000 in support for seniors 70 and older enough? Gérald Fillion discusses the move both proposed Liberal Party And this A future Quebec alliance With economist Daniel Dennis.

  • Special candidate QLP, Fred Beaucemin thinks he made a mistake. He himself recognized it after answering a question in English.

    The star candidate said that whichever party wins Quebec, a strong opposition is important to avoid ending up in parliament with a Donald Trump approach. According to him, the government is handling the epidemic Scary (very scary) For democratic values.

    He mentions decrees and the closing of the National Assembly. Parliament was closed for two months during the first wave of COVID-19. Parliament was then resumed in accordance with the public health rules in force. Fred Beauchamp resumed in French, saying he was not comparing François Legault to Donald Trump. Mr. Legault doesn’t have the same hair color, doesn’t have the same attitude, he’s a Quebecer. What I wanted to say is that when you close the door to democracy, you don’t respect Quebecers.

    Dominique Anglade and Fred Beauchemin at a press conference.

    Dominique Anglade was campaigning in the Quebec region on Tuesday with candidate Fred Beauchemin.

    Photo: The Canadian Press / Caroline Boucher

    Dominic Anglade defended his candidate’s comments later in the day: It is true that there was an administration that went this far, as we have said many times. This is very consistent with what has been said in the past.

  • Not sure who to vote for on October 3rd? Identify the main duties of political parties In our program comparator. Filter pledges by party, theme and sub-theme. Pledges will be updated regularly based on announcements.

  • Head, in front of Glencore’s CCR copper and precious metals refinery in Montreal’s east end Parti QuébécoisPaul St-Pierre Plamondon promised greater transparency in communicating pollution data to the public.

    The leader of the PQ promised to be “listenable” to ensure implementation Clear actions on all types of pollutionAir pollution, noise pollution, vibration pollution and heat islands.

    He accused the PQ of firing arrows at CAQ representatives in East Montreal — the two CAQ elected officials on the island — for being absent and “silent” when it comes to protecting citizens concerned about air quality.

    Remember PQ delivered it in the morning Plan to combat climate change.

  • François Legault and the two candidates at a press conference.

    François Legault is committed to building a new high school in Sherbrooke by 2026 if the Coalition Avenir Quebec is re-elected next October.

    Photo: Radio-Canada / Alexandre Duvall

    Passed through Sherbrooke on Tuesday, François Legault is committed to building a new school there If A future Quebec alliance Up for re-election on October 3… The constituency’s outgoing MP, Christine Labrie, has already been pledged by Unity and Dominic Anglade from the Liberal Party.

    The announcement, which sounded like déjà vu, went down badly with François Legault, who was accused by the Liberal leader the same morning. CopierDue to similar promises from the beginning of the campaign.

    In a press conference, the president CAQ They refrained from plagiarism. Dominic Anglade says we copy them, arguments should be less. What that means is that she agrees with the plan CAQIntroduced by François Legault.