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Dead body in recycling bin in Montreal: Murder suspects filmed

Dead body in recycling bin in Montreal: Murder suspects filmed

The perpetrators of a murder in a rented house in the heart of an upscale Montreal neighborhood a week ago were reportedly filmed, specifically as they placed the dismembered corpse in a recycling bin.

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The murder would have taken place on the night of September 29 in an apartment block located on Avenue des Pins in the posh Golden Square Mile district, where Victorian architecture abounds.

One of the many security cameras installed around.

Photo by Frederique Giguère

One of the many security cameras installed around.

Neighbor Nancy Murdock says she was awakened by noises coming from the block next door. I walked out angry sounder In the apartment fromIntercom, but it didn’t respond. I thought about slamming the patio door from the back, but resigned myself to going to bed. »

The next morning, she noticed to her dismay that the canvas covering the French window of the inn was torn. Informed the building owner, but he did not respond.

A torn canvas in the inn where the play took place.

Courtesy image

A torn canvas in the inn where the play took place.

Crime scene

After 7pm on Friday, the company was tasked with cleaning and restoring the accommodation for future visitors. Opening the door, one of the staff was shocked to see the condition of the place.

In addition to what appeared to be bloodstains, the apartment was turned upside down and several items were damaged. So the woman called 911. As soon as they arrived, the police knew they were dealing with a crime scene and a search of the suburbs was quickly launched. This is how they found the body in the recycling bin. He was brought to the courtyard of a convenience store on the Avenue du Doctor-Benfield, a few meters from the rented accommodation.

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The suspects would have gone through the building’s backyard, where a dark and discreet passage almost led to the convenience store.

Several cameras are installed in the residential building, front and back, in addition to others around. The private school opposite is also equipped with security cameras.

In total, during its visit, Le Journal was able to identify at least six devices that could have captured the suspects of the murder.

According to our information, major crime investigators have really incriminating images. However, the suspects wear masks on them, making it very difficult to identify them.

The 35-year-old man, known to police circles, may have been hiding since arriving in the company of another person.

After a while other guests came inside the apartment.

No arrests have yet been made, Montreal police confirmed.

The irony of history is that for months the neighbors tried to condemn the owners of the building where the tragedy took place because they would rent out their accommodation to visitors for short periods of time, which is prohibited by municipal law.

The city confirmed it had received the complaint and turned the file over to Revenue Quebec.

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