September 23, 2023

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Death of firefighter Pierre Lacroix: Coroner orders public inquest

Death of firefighter Pierre Lacroix: Coroner orders public inquest

Quebec’s chief coroner on Wednesday ordered a public inquiry into the death of firefighter Pierre Lacroix, who drowned during a rescue operation last October.

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Coroner Kehan ​​Kamal, who recently headed the investigation into the living conditions of the elderly during the first wave of Govt-19, will be in charge of the file.

Mr. who died on October 17 while trying to save two sailors with his colleagues. The investigation aims to shed light on the possible causes and circumstances of Lacroix’s death. For some unknown reason the Montreal Fire Department boat capsized suddenly, possibly due to the wave.

If three of the four firefighters had been rescued by the militants, the 58-year-old would not have been so lucky on retirement. He remained a prisoner trapped under the capsized boat.

According to firefighters who were able to speak with the QMI agency at the time of the incident, when such an event occurs, sometimes the suction event is so severe that the person trapped under the boat cannot get out of the boat. Even if this person wears his life jacket like Pierre Lacroix.

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