April 21, 2024

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Demonstration against single line in Shavinigan

The single-line election issue, which is managed by Ravenu Quebec, is causing more opposition in Shavinigan. Renamed as the National Center for Verification and Collection, the demonstration will take place on Saturday condemning the impact on the tax center’s 2,000 jobs.

Organized by the Association of Taxation Employees with the support of the town of Shavinigan and the business community, the march will stop at the tax center and the site of the speeches.

“One thing is for sure, all political parties in the election must prove very clearly that the jobs in Shavinigan must be in Shavinigan, and that in any case we can move them, even if it is a small opportunity. Another Canadian province,” Mayor Michael Angers warned.

The leader of the Black Quebecos believes there is no risk anyway, with very low tax revenues now being implemented in Shavinigan. However, he is adamant on this issue. “The National Assembly, which speaks for Quebec, voted unanimously in favor of single tax revenue, and we will defend it,” Ives-Franசois Blanchett said.

Minister Fran்கois-Philippe Champagne, against the same line, hated the constituency president. “If a member of the Beloil-Champlain, known as a particular Monsieur Blanchett, does not want to help us, he will not harm us. We have put him down,” the Saint-Maurice Liberal candidate-Champlain said in a stern tone.

For the past few months, the tax staff union has failed to discuss the matter with Yves-Franசois Blanchett. A new attempt was made last week without additional results. “I can tell you that we do not have a good reception. I can even say that we are cavalry. If others (block) work like that, we will not work that way. We talk to everyone,” said union adviser Patrick Bertrand.

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