Demonstration in Quebec in front of a restaurant testing a vaccine passport

At least a hundred protesters marched in front of a restaurant in Quebec on Thursday evening to demand the introduction of a health passport, where the health measure is being tested for a second day.

La Cage – Brasserie Sportive LeBronkneif agrees to participate in government pilot program, By voluntarily asking clients for proof of vaccination for two days.

Most customers found their QR code on their phone or on a piece of paper, Le Journal found Wednesday. A few people settled in front of the establishment with posters against the vaccine passport.

On Thursday, anti-health groups called for a peaceful protest in front of the restaurant on social media.

One of the movement’s leading figures received a great reception on arrival, before being told to enter the restaurant. The guards refused.

Some protesters had signs of “separation” on their hands and others had signs in the form of yellow stars.

Beyond a few more serious speeches, one of the demands made was the public debate on the health pass.

“A public debate” sounded as the cars sounded in favor.

At least one citizen came to protest against the opposition to health measures, and their message was dangerous.

At around 6pm, protesters, as early as 5pm, saw customers entering through the back door and moving through it.

Keep in mind that from September, access to non-essential businesses such as gyms, bars or restaurants will require full proof of the vaccine.

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