Denise Codder presents her mobile project

Modernization of the services of the Society de Transport de Montreal (SDM), the promotion of carpooling and self-service cars: these were the promises made during a program during the program of group Montreal party leader Denise Godrej on Saturday morning. His party in terms of movement.

Coralie Laplande

Coralie Laplande

“The metropolis seems to be frozen when it comes to movement,” said Ensemble Montreal’s conductor. Denise Koderre wants to complete projects that are already underway.

He threw arrows at the plant management, saying it had “done nothing for four years” except make promises.

Denise Koderre promises to extend the Blue Fort to Anzo, the Orange Fort to the Boise-Frank station, and the Boulevard Cavendish. He accused “Project Montreal” of operating against the site.

Group Montreal guarantees the establishment of the Metropolitan Express Network (REM) up to the Reservoir-des Prairie and the “Structure Project between Lachin and Downtown”.

The party leader also wants to prevent motorists from “going in circles” to find a parking space. Signs indicating parking restrictions will also be changed, with the aim of simplifying their view.

“We are going to create a simple, intuitive visual system that people can easily understand when parking,” said Lachin Mayor Jose Cote, who accompanied the party leader to the conference.

Photo by Pascal Rath, Special Gallery

Josie Cote

The political party also promises that motorists will be able to pay all their parking expenses through the mobile application.

The report, which assesses the metropolitan area, will be published every two years with the aim of operating in a “non-partisan” manner.

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Group Montreal has not announced any activities related to cyclists in the metropolis. However, Denise Godrej made it clear that there would be a public outcry in this direction in the coming days.

“The car is not the enemy, we are going to make sure there is less loneliness so we can get better fluid in motion,” he declared. To do this, Ensemble wants to increase the supply of Montreal self-service vehicles and take steps to encourage citizens to move to Karpool.

The modernization team of the STM network is part of Montreal’s plans. Infrastructure will be set up on the bus to allow public transport users to pay for their transportation tickets using a credit card or smart phone. Koder management wants to provide WiFi service in STM metro stations.

According to Project Montreal, “a belated awareness”

Mr. Eric Allen Caldwell, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Valerie Plante Management Board; Kodar responded harshly to the announcement.

Photo courtesy of Edward Plant-Frechet, Press

Eric Alan Caldwell, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Valerie Plante Executive Committee

“For me, it’s too late for Ensemble Montreal [concernant] Montreallers need public transportation and sustainable mobility, ”he says.

It gives a positive rating of the last command of Project Montreal in terms of movement. “What we have done for public transport in four years is the addition of 300 buses, the progress made on the pink line project, the blue line cut by the East REM, SDM management,” lists the Plant Management Executive Council member.

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“I see a lot in this announcement of components already under construction. Obviously, they recognize the work we have done. But what amazes me the most, when it comes to active traffic, is nothing,” he continues.

Mr. Denise Coderin’s accusation of being a pro-Montreal opponent of the Gogantish Boulevard expansion plan. Caldwell denies. Instead, the party wanted to change the “road plan”. “We have turned it into a truly sustainable movement project, we have integrated the Green Corridor, we have integrated the REV [réseau express vélo], We have connected the sidewalk for pedestrians and public transport in the right way, ”he says.

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