A van is being combed

Investigators inspected a pickup truck on Saturday in the hope that it could push down the driver who caused a fatal attack on Saint-Lynn-Laurentides in Lanadiar earlier this week.

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“We look at DNA, among other things [de la victime] We are checking to see if there are any modified or missing parts in the vehicle, ”explained Marithe Boldak, a spokeswoman for Sûreté du Québec (SQ).

The expertise is being carried out in the Chevrolet Silverado, which was found in a parking lot a short distance from the accident that killed 16-year-old Emil Martino last Wednesday.

The young man went with a resume and went to see a friend in the evening, on his way home, he broke down and then lay dead on the side of Highway 335.

Witnesses tried in vain to rescue him.

After the tragedy, more than 200 people attended an awareness event in Emil’s memory, praised by his colleagues for his energy and sense of humor.


Authorities are actively searching for the driver who caused the crash.

SQ could not confirm whether the truck seized on Friday night was actually involved in the collision, but it does fit the description of the vehicle being searched.

The van, located on Friday, was overturned by police.

Photo agency QMI, Pascal Girard

The van, located on Friday, was overturned by police.

During the hit and run, investigators pay particular attention to physical work to ensure that no area is changed to cover up the crime, Mr.Me Boldak.

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The owner of the pickup was identified by authorities, but was not arrested Saturday evening.

Before making the allegations, “the police have yet to prove that he was the one behind the wheel,” said Marithe Boldak.

Relatives of the owner claimed his safety was on social media on Saturday, claiming he was with his two-month-old daughter during the tragedy.

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