Despite legal emancipation, the violent repeat offender is assigned to a halfway house

Despite legal emancipation, the violent repeat offender is assigned to a halfway house

A repeat offender described by Saguenay police as “one of the most violent people they know” will be assigned to a halfway house after being automatically released from his sentence following his third violation of a long-term probation order.

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Bruno Hudon’s criminal roadmap is long and “directed exclusively against the individual since 1993,” the Parole Board of Canada said in its latest report dated June 18.

Hudon, now 58, was serving a nine-month prison sentence from December 2022 for breaching his long-term supervision order. This “crime for control” label has been imposed on him for 10 years and will follow him till 2026.

This third breakout targets a period in October 2022.

As he has served two-thirds of his sentence, the convict is eligible for statutory release, but the commission ruled this week on the importance of the conditions to be imposed on him.

A reviewer

Bruno Hooten has served three federal sentences for violent crimes in his lifetime.

In October 2005, he assaulted his own cousin, calling for a tense ambush to violently attack her. Drunk, he grabbed her by the hair and dragged her into a wooded area before punching and kicking her.

A year later, he physically assaulted one of his wives, threatening to kill her and kidnapping her to prevent her from fleeing for long hours of terror.

Originally from Saguenay, Bruno Hudon is well known to local police officers. In 2015, police raised fears that he might meet one of his victims during his shift at home with the right to leave.

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The parole board notes today that Saguenay police described the convict, who had a past conviction for manslaughter, as “one of the most violent people they knew.”

An expression of his relations

It is for this reason that, despite his legal release, Hooton is placed under house arrest, without the right to leave, forcing him to return to the halfway house every evening.

He will also be prohibited from consuming, being in the company of alcohol, contacting victims or people he knows to be criminals except for undergoing treatment. It should be noted that Bruno Houten must disclose to his publishing supervisor “any sexual or non-sexual relationships, or close friendships with women”.

“These crimes clearly indicate your inability to establish healthy and positive relationships with women. You adopt violent behavior, especially when you are intoxicated and when you are faced with desperation,” observe the commissioners to justify this decision.

House arrest will continue until the end of Hooton’s sentence in three months, although his case management committee recommended to commissioners an extension of a total of one year. However, his status as a chronic offender should be reviewed at the end of his sentence.

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