April 16, 2024

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Doug Ford: From the Prime Minister … to the snow plow?

Ontario Premier Doug Ford set aside his tie on Monday and one day turned to snow and went to rescue his fellow citizens trapped on the ice.

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The Prime Minister’s Office has released photos to the local media, showing a shovel in the Prime Minister’s hand helping motorists in Toronto, while Mother Nature’s Queen buried the city in sixty centimeters of snow.

“I try to help people in my 4×4 van. I picked up a man and brought him home, but I encourage everyone to stay home, ”said a key figure interested in the microphone of the Newstock 1010.

The Prime Minister appealed for mutual assistance and solidarity on this stormy day, which in particular led to the closure of major highways crossing the city.

A user who uses the name @ eddykandic95 on the social networking site TikTok is one of the Prime’s inspired.

“This is Duck Ford,” the man can be heard beginning in a brief video, where we see him sitting in a van, before the camera turns to the Prime Minister.

“I’m a taxi driver today, an ice plow and everything else,” laughs Mr. Ford.

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