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The break ended for conspirator Franுவாois Amaleka Pitonto, who was not only arrested and detained for violating a condition, but also forced to wear a mask when he appeared.

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“We can handcuff him and put a mask on him and we will pick him up if he cooperates [dans la salle de visioconférence] “A police officer explained shortly before the hearing on Monday in Montreal court.

And against all odds, the mask was submitted to the anti-authorities, so he appeared with a medical procedure mask, on the charge of violating the condition of the previous day.

Due to the conditions imposed by the court last November, Amaleka Pidonto was not allowed to approach within 300 meters of Prime Minister Fran பிரான்ois Legault. On Sunday, however, he demonstrated near Radio-Canada for an event attended by the Prime Minister. Everyone is talking about it.

The police tried to explain to him that he had to leave, but he stayed because the opposition to the mask seemed to value only the rules that applied to him.

“Several times you were allowed to leave the premises, but you refused, so you were arrested,” a policeman told him, according to the video of his arrest.

Proper detention

After examining the evidence, Crown said he firmly believes the conspirator actually deserves to be charged. Also, she felt that her trial should be pending because of the risk that he might happen again.

And when Amaleka tried to put a word in, he was cut.

“Not today, sir,” said Judge Natalie Ducesno.

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He will return to court this morning for a hearing on the bail petition.

In addition to the criminal charges, Amaleka Pidonto is collecting tickets for non-compliance with public health law. To date, he has received $ 60,000 worth of tickets. His eight trials have resulted in eight convictions, yet to come.

-With Antoine Lacroix

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