Drugs and weapons were given to the windows of the Donacona prison

For about five years, Donacona editing officers have detained more than a hundred drones a year, says Frederick LeBeau, president of the Quebec Region of the Canada-CSN Correctional Officers Association.

These drones are used mainly by organized crime members, especially those delivering drugs and weapons. Cell phones are often seized, Mr. Refers to Lepio. Some are more modern and have the Internet, which allows prisoners to interact with the outside world.

Donacona Prison

Photo: Radio-Canada / Radio-Canada / Mark-Antoine Laoi

This is not a new issue, But it is difficult to calculate.

One to two a week, sometimes three. But those who frighten us are the ones we cannot interrupt or see. 5, 6 may be, we do not know. It gets complicated, Mr. Lepio warns.

Window distribution

Correctional officers recently noticed a direct distribution to the windows of the Donacona Institution.

The inmates figured out how to remove their sealing wax-like substance from the windows and how to remove the entire window structure. We have deliveries made directly to the cell. Even Uber Eats can’t do this, Launches Frederick LeBeau.

Donacona prison has radar capable of detecting drones. However, once found, they are difficult to neutralize, discrediting the union.

Unfortunately, we can be 100% based on detection, but also have 100% interception as a goal. This is where the problem lies. We are still looking for tools.

An excerpt from:Frederick LeBeau, President of the Quebec Region of the Association of Correctional Officers of Canada-CSN

It should also be added that the power to seek body holes does not lie with the correctional officers.

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Only a doctor can order this type of excavation. Once the drone has done its delivery, it doesn’t really take much time and unfortunately we can’t access the goods, Reduces the editing officer.

Body scanner

The union hopes the use of body scanners inside prisons will allow for greater efficiency.

For now, only two companies located outside Quebec have been fitted as part of the pilot project.

In Bill C-83, the government introduced the concept of a body scanner. Unfortunately, with this legislative change there is no budget., Mr. Denigrates Lepio.


For its part, the correction service Canada says it is working to prevent the presence of illegal goods in its companies, including those carried by drones.

Among other things, we conduct searches of criminals, visitors, staff, cells, vehicles and buildings using sensible search tools, including ion detectors and detection dogs. CSC continues its research and new technologies continue to be available to help locate prohibited objects, including drones., Says Esther Mailhot, spokeswoman for the Correction Service Canada.

The latter suggests that $ 6 million will be invested in the drone detection pilot program over the next few years.

Correctional Service Canada noted that despite the increase in the number of drones over prisons, The scan revealed that the presence of drugs in the correctional facilities had no effect on drone vision.

Can’t brake?

Michael Torrey, a retired police officer at Sorette to Quebec (SQ), says these new distribution methods show how organized crime is known to organized crime.

This is because there were prisons. I first saw people throwing drugs and tennis balls at phones. Today, we use even more advanced ways.

An excerpt from:Michael Tore, a retired police officer from Surat to Quebec

The drone is easy to access and easy to fly for those who have taken a course, Mr. Dorey adds. Apparently the culprits will embrace it.

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He believes this phenomenon can only be curtailed without stopping completely.

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