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AOver the past few days, nurses with a two-week schedule of 12 12-hour workdays and six days off have been working overtime (OW) because there is no one to change them. Departure.

This is not mandatory overtime (OST) as it does not apply to nurses assigned to 12 hour shifts. But these nurses, who face the opportunity to “abandon” their patients, believe we have no choice but to stay after their change, we were told.

In this field, we point to the poor management of human resources rather than staff shortages.

Heidel-Du de Lewis’ emergency department said the situation was difficult and “a lot of DS and DSO”.

According to him, the closure of the emergency at the Paul-Gilbert Center may explain why the Hotel-du de Lewis, with a capacity of 34 stretchers, is overflowing with emergencies, but “we often end up with sixty patients lying.” .Ovelette underscores that, according to him, “summer vacations don’t help either.”

The situation is that the head of SPSCA-FIQ was invited to a meeting with the Nursing Directorate of CISSS de Saudier-Appalachian on Wednesday morning, who, according to Laurie Ovallet, was “looking for solutions.”

“I gave them solutions. They can reopen Paul-Gilbert. Currently, there are no cases of COVID-19. What are we waiting for to send back the nurses assigned to find the cases? The same goes for those in PCI [prévention et contrôle des infections] And maintenance consultants, can we put them back on the floor? “Laurier Ovallet asks, hoping he can offer better financial offers.

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“There are some who are willing to do overtime, but in one and a half hours, they don’t value it. Let them give double, double and a half rates, they will do worse, ”argues the head of SPSCA-FIQ.

The problem for him is that “something took so long to happen” in the CISS. “We asked them to find solutions quickly, but we will only get the news about it on Friday,” Mr Ovallet said, calling on staff to “tighten” management.

Not heard in the summer

Interview in சோலைல்On Wednesday afternoon, Lillian Bernier, director of nursing, confirmed that the occupation rate of Hettel-du de Lewis’ emergency room was “hitting records for a summer”. “The numbers we see now are usually the numbers we see in the winter,” he said.

MMe Bernier did not believe that the closure of the Center Paul-Gilbert Emergency could explain this increased traffic “because the Paul-Gilbert Emergency is an outpatient emergency”.

“The congestion we are currently experiencing in the emergency room of the Hotel-Duo is actually a congestion associated with customers on the stretcher, which are customers who are not within Paul-Gilbert’s walls, explains Lillian Bernier.

The Director of Nursing at CISSS de Chaudière-Appalaches believes that the current situation may be explained by the fact that patients, often the elderly, may be delayed before consulting on the infection.

“In the emergency room we have very sick customers and heavily mortgaged. […] All of this leads to a high level of activity, and unfortunately, we are in a sluggish state during a summer vacation ”, so we often use volunteer and forced overtime in the emergency room.

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Nurses who work overtime after a 12-hour shift do so on a voluntary basis, he says. “It simply came to our notice then. There is no abandoned patient. ”If a nurse does not work overtime, mMe Bernier recalled, “This is not just a nurse who can work in an emergency, she needs to be trained for that.”

Lillian Bernier ensures that the nursing department works to deliver solutions quickly. “We work a lot with the hospital’s other medical departments so clients can leave safely. [et ainsi libérer des lits sur les étages pour les patients de l’urgence]. We also look at the service offers we have with COVID, which includes clinics, rating … [presque] There are no customers coming for it and we are going to review the presence of professionals in these places, ”he saidMe Bernier.

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