April 15, 2024

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Animal cruelty: The kitten escaped from the SUV at 20

The kitten that launched on Highway 20 last week has miraculously survived, and will soon be accepted by one of the witnesses to this chaotic act of animal cruelty.

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“I think it’s normal to adopt him anymore, so I don’t love him anymore,” says Eric Gorev, indicating that he has already signed the adoption documents.

This sample resident is relieved that the animal is still alive, especially in an interview with the Le Journal last Friday, where he realized that the tiny beast could not have survived on all automobiles.

Mr. He was driving on Highway 20 near Coriway 1, Saint – HysindeThere is Last July, the driver of an SUV threw a helpless kitten on the asphalt when he saw a window open in front of him.

The 25-year-old naturally braked sharply while trying to avoid the cat, resulting in a collision with the car behind him.


“I had a post-traumatic shock. I did not sleep the night after that. I was very shocked,” says Éric Corriveau, who will soon find comfort with Rosetto.

That young wonder girl got so much nickname because of the little black dot covering her head in the middle of her white coat.

He is currently safe and sound at the Saint-Hyacinth University Hospital Center (CHUV) shelter.

“The kitten is fine and has not been seriously injured,” said Julie Duffer, a spokeswoman for CHUV.

MMe Duffer did not specify under what circumstances Rosette was found.