[EN IMAGES] CAQ condemns video of Quebec’s Conservative Party

The video, released by the Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ), was condemned by the office of Prime Minister Franசois LeCallet, which exaggerated the sound of gunfire on a photo of the CAQ leader.

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Short section starting with an excerpt from an interview given by the President of PCQ Everyone is talking about itA few hours after the show aired, it was posted on the party’s Facebook page on Sunday evening.

Video “What’s the Difference Between Eric Duheim and Franசois Legold?” It ends with a photo gallery of the Prime Minister that sounds like it explodes.

Video taken from the Facebook page of the Conservative Party of Quebec


Already, on Monday afternoon, the publication, which had collected more than a thousand reactions, was commented more than 200 times and shared a hundred times.

“The tone and speech of Eric Duheim’s Conservative Party, especially on social media, is very worrying. This is not the first time his group has used gunpowder.

The latter wonders if Eric Duhaime authorized the release of this video, so “he has to explain himself”. “Eric Duheim should invite his team to order once,” said Evan Chavez.

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Make it hard

However, in PCQ, it was denied that it was the sound of gunfire.

“It simply came to our notice then. This is the “boom” sound, the blade when in Ford commercials Built Duff Cemetery. It refers to the strength and impact of the message. There is nothing else, ”party spokesman Véronique Gagnon said on Monday.

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The latter clarified that The video has been edited to ‘avoid confusing or inappropriate links’..

Video taken from the Facebook page of the Conservative Party of Quebec

“The new sound used is the typical fog siren sound found on sea liners, which means nothing more than what it is,” he added.

Also, Eric Duheim did not approve of posting the original video on the party’s Facebook page. Véronique Gagnon said it was the work of “a volunteer party activist.”

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