Live updates: Ukraine and Russia crisis

Live updates: Ukraine and Russia crisis

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi expressed his “concern” about the situation in Ukraine in a phone call with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, according to a statement issued by the Chinese Foreign Ministry on Tuesday.

“China is concerned about (the development) of the situation in Ukraine,” Wang said during the call, and “any country’s legitimate security concerns should be respected.”

“The objectives and principles of the United Nations Charter must be adhered to,” Wang said, adding that the situation in Ukraine was “closely related to the delay” in implementing Minsk Agreementreferring to the 2015 set of protocols to end the conflict in eastern Ukraine that has not been fully implemented.

Wang said, according to the statement, China urged all parties to “exercise restraint, recognize the importance of implementing the principle of indivisible security, facilitate the situation and resolve differences through dialogue and negotiation.”

He added that China will continue its contacts with “all parties on the basis of the merits of the matter.”

Sino-Russian friendship: Beijing faces a complex situation as it tries to balance its deep ties with Moscow with its foreign policy of vigorously defending state sovereignty.

Although there are no military allies, China and Russia have been advancing Increasingly united front In the face of what they see as Western interference in their affairs and regions.

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