Experts were surprised by Duheim’s approach

Experts were surprised by Duheim’s approach

Conservative leader Eric Duhaime has many unanswered questions on the issue of unpaid council tax.

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Mr. It is even more difficult to understand why Duhaim rented out a residential building he owned and asked his tenant to pay municipal taxes. Lawyers consulted Newspaper Surprised by this deal.

“I don’t know if it’s legal,” said Alexandre P. Romano explained yesterday.

“I wouldn’t recommend signing a tenant or a landlord [un bail semblable], we don’t know how the courts will interpret it; It is dangerous. »

I, Romano, and another lawyer specializing in housing law, whom we contacted yesterday, but who wish to remain anonymous, note that this type of agreement is very unusual and that they have never seen it in their lives.

Mr. Gonzalez was sued for $14,000 in unpaid municipal taxes on two residential buildings he owns in Quebec. Our Bureau of Investigation revealed on Saturday that Duheim was being confiscated. He lived on his own for $12,363 in one of the buildings he rented, and $1,848 in the other.

Mr. informed about the situation. Duheim contacted his tenant, who rushed to pay the overdue bill.

Another unanswered question: Mr. Did Duheim deduct the municipal taxes on his rental property from his income?

If he does, he could be in an irregular tax position, noted a property expert, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

One thing is for sure, Mr. Duhaime couldn’t ignore the fact that his tax bills weren’t being paid. When arrears pile up, it is common practice for municipalities not to give notice.

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Yesterday, once again questioned Mr. Duhaim said: “I will answer what I answered for three days. The file is closed, nothing is illegal, and private contracts are private.

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