September 26, 2023

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FANS are urging T.I. to “discipline” his son the King after he challenged a homeless man to eat a spicy chip for money

FANS are urging T.I. to “discipline” his son the King after he challenged a homeless man to eat a spicy chip for money

Not even a full month has passed since then T.I And Little Harris son, King Harriswas blogging after it was revealed New set of helicopters. Now, the teenager is back in the news after a video of him offering a homeless man money to do the spicy chip challenge went viral.

T.I. and Tiny’s son, King, took heat after challenging a homeless man to do the “One Slice Challenge” for $50.00. (Pictured: @the_next_king10/Instagram)

On Friday, September 8, the 19-year-old took part in the popular “One Slice Challenge,” which centers around people tasting a hot slice of Paqui brand and seeing how long they can go without consuming any water.

In Harris’ video, he can be seen offering a homeless man a spicy chip outside a liquor store. As the recording continued, he instructed the man to eat the chip and go “five minutes” without taking any liquids.

“$50, five minutes,” the young man said as he handed over the snack.

The homeless man can be seen resisting the urge to drink water, but in the end he gives in and loses the battle. Although he didn’t win the $50, Harris noted that he gave him $20 for his attempt.

“I gave him $20, man, just so you all know we’re not going to do it,” he said. “He lost though! And yet he lost, and he still gave them—you know what I’m saying. I gave him the twenty dollars.”

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Although it seemed as if Harris found the challenge amusing, many X users begged to differ, and were not shy about voicing their displeasure with the “Drip” rapper’s actions.

“You He thinks His parents did not raise him properly. There’s always that brother who’s gone too deep.”

“Let’s have a moment of honesty with @Tip. Sorry Cliff, but your son has a problem. He needs discipline. He needs guidance. He needs to grow. And most of all he needs his rhythm. Stop recording yourself saying and doing things Stupid. You sound so cultured when you talk, so I don’t know how this child hasn’t reached this level of education and maturity. He’ll end up running into a real person on the street who will do him dirty. They bring him into the house and punish him. This is as cliche as H–l and it’s a reflection of the family Which he grew up in. He’s not cruel at all. Teach him something before the streets do.

“all time “I see something about his ugly character – either he’s acting like a gangster, or he’s being disrespectful.”

“millionaire artists Need to teach their children empathy. This sad.”

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One day before Harris participated in this challenge, NBC News It was reported that Packy was removing spicy potato chips from shelves after a mother claimed her son’s death was due to him doing the challenge.

As for Harris, he was confronted Public audit Over the past few years due to his out of control behavior despite growing up in a home with successful parents. Many social media users accused him of trying to be something he is not, Like “gangster”,After video footage showed him getting into a verbal altercation with a Waffle House employee.

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The music artist was also allegedly arrested last September, but the reason for his arrest was never explained.

As always, Harris remained unfazed by the backlash he received from the “One Slide Challenge.” He later uploaded a separate video of himself selling merchandise in the parking lot of his father’s establishment called The Trap Museum.

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