Festival des Collois began

Festival des Collois is going well in Pius, with a few hundred people occupying the site early Friday morning.

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At 2 p.m., event organizers opened the site for camps and motor vehicles. This activity has been specifically described as a “demonstration against health emergencies” and a vaccine passport.

Didier Debugging / Journal de Quebec

Didier Debugging / Journal de Quebec

Dozens of people opposed to health standards, vaccinations and the LeCald government heard their voices at the entrance to Rang 6 in Saint-Benoit-LaBruy. The first concert started just before 4pm.

“We’re going to have fun. There will be no explosion here like in other demonstrations,” said a woman who was waiting her turn at the gatehouse.

Didier Debugging / Journal de Quebec

Great crowd

The media had no access to the party and even on the other side of the public road, the presence of cameras was not greatly appreciated. If some still doubt the popularity of the event, the visit is very real.

“There’s a festival in Lock-McGonagall, not in Victoria,” shouted Kevin Pilio, one of the organizers targeted by the court order.

Didier Debugging / Journal de Quebec

Earlier this week, the CISSS de Chaudière-Appalaches took action in a Quebec court to compel festival organizers to comply with health measures.

The order was issued by Judge Holan Carrier and the rules were to be followed to the letter. The judge found that the words of the organizers of the ceremony, Chandel Kiquare, Kevan Pilodio and Caroline Lessard, were not very credible.

Didier Debugging / Journal de Quebec

Police officers at the site

Before the judge on Wednesday, CISSS de C -dier-Appalach’s attorney repeatedly asked Ms. Lessard if she was prepared to end the event if participants did not respect the rules in place. The latter replied that he would first think about it before changing his mind. “If I had to, I would do it,” he told the court.

Didier Debugging / Journal de Quebec

According to Ms. Giguer, she pleaded that she did not see herself as the organizer of the show, but as a simple volunteer. However, he had come on Friday to welcome those coming to the festival.

They are demanding more teeth to enforce the law as there are obviously a large number of people against public health measures. Until the last minute, the group refused to cooperate with authorities.

With two policewomen, the CISS investigator from Sode-Appalach was able to visit the site on Friday afternoon. He left with Seredo du Quebec after his tour. It appears that no criminal report has been released. Outside, several plainclothes police officers patrol or monitor unidentified vehicles.

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The festival continues on Saturday and Sunday.

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