April 14, 2024

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St. and Desjardins unite their two parties in Montreal Quebec 2021 municipal elections

Mayoral candidates Palema Holness, Movement Montreal, and Mark-Antoine Desjardins, Rallyment Cotti, announced the merger of their parties on Thursday morning, 24 hours before the end of the nomination period.

The two will finally campaign under the banner of the Movement Montreal, which has so far formalized three times as many candidates as Montreal.

It was for this reason that Mark-Antoine Desjardins’ party agreed to join the Balarama Holness party, but had no choice. This is not about the ego, Mr. at the press conference. Deszardins promised.

Balarama Holnes will be the candidate for mayor of Montreal. According to Mark-Antoine Deszardins, our sources say that he will eventually search the city of Outremont. If successful, the latter will be appointed Associate Mayor of Montreal And sit on the executive committee, it is explained.

“Cleaning” of applications is essential

There will be other candidates from both political organizations Mesh, MM announced. Holnes and Desjardins on Thursday morning in front of the Lucian-Sallnier building where Montreal City Hall is currently located. So, there will be some of these applications Withdrawn, There will be others Displaced.

On Friday afternoon, 46 candidates related to the Movement Montreal were formalized by Montreal.

Five selection positions were preferred by candidates from both parties, namely the mayor of St. Ville, St. Michael-Park-Extension, the councilor of St. Mary’s, the district of Hocelaka and the park-extension and the councilor of St. Leonard.

Overall, the “new party” is MM. Holnes and Deszardins believe they can put 65 candidates at risk in 103 selected positions. The appointment period ends Friday at 4:30 p.m.

This is the chance for success – Success, In English – which finally convinced the two to form an alliance for the November 7 referendum, which they openly agreed to on Thursday.

Ideas to connect, compromises to make

Mouvement Montréal and Ralliement pour Montreal also need to work to quickly integrate their political plans.

Asked several times about the challenge of such a process, Mark-Antoine Deszardins and Balarama Holnes did not want to make their differences on Thursday.

Mr. Desjardins and Mr. Holness said he agreed with more than 95% of the issues. For the rest, they need to negotiate and find points for unity.

According to Balarama Holnes, the marriage between his coach and Mark-Antoine Deszardins was announced on Thursday. Deserves reconciliation.

Today[there are many questions about national truth and reconciliation that divide us: today we want to do the same: show us how we can compromise][தேசியஉண்மைமற்றும்நல்லிணக்கநாள்நம்மைப்பிரிப்பதுபற்றிபலகேள்விகள்உள்ளனஇன்றுநாம்அதைத்தான்செய்யவிரும்புகிறோம்:நாம்சமரசம்செய்யமுடியும்என்பதைக்காட்டுங்கள்[nationaledelavéritéetdelaréconciliationetilyabeaucoupdequestionssurcequinousdiviseEtc’estçaqu’onveutfaireaujourd’hui :montrerqu’onpeutseréconcilier

A quote:Balarama Holnes, Movement Montreal’s mayoral candidate

Mr. Deszardins promised Thursday in particular that Article 1 of the charter of the city of Montreal. Montreal is a French-speaking city, Will not change if the movement comes to power in Montreal this fall.

On June 24, Balarama Holnes, Quebec’s national holiday, promised to officially make Montreal a bilingual city if it won on the evening of November 7.

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Candidates in 2017

Balarama Holnes, a former Montreal Aloysius player, ran for mayor of Montreal-North metropolis for Project Montreal four years ago. True, He then sharply criticized the party, Criticized him for not providing him with the necessary evidence to campaign.

Over the next four years, Mr. Holnes campaigned OCPM urges public consultation on formal racism in Montreal. His party did worse than expected from opinion polls, which saw them at gaining about two-thirds of the support.

Mark-Antoine Deszartins was not selected in the 2017 Jean-Mans with Denis Cotterre team. He ran for mayor of the plateau under the banner of the True Change Party during the by-elections following the ouster of Luke Fernandez. It came in third with about 15% of the vote.

In view of the 2021 elections, Mr. Deszardins enlisted Jean-Franாங்கois Clutier (former Lachin councilor). Lily-Anne Tremble (Dismissed by St.-Leonard Councilor Denise Koder) and Patricia Tulasne (Actress, activist and spokesperson for the Les Courageous Group).

At a press conference, Mr. Desjardins – Mr. Like Holnes – all of his candidates were comfortable and eager to see the link between Mount Montreal and Parliament Montreal.

In front of the Lucian-Sallnier building Mr.

John-Franசois Clutier, whose equity Montreal party has already merged with the Parliament for Montreal, will finally campaign in Lachin under the banner of the Mount Montreal. He confirms he learned the news on Thursday morning.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Jérôme Labbé

The Locker poll was released last week Duty Balarama Holnes (15% of non-French speakers) and Mark-Antoine Deszardins received 5% of the vote.

The survey, conducted on the web between 500 Montreal between September 14 and 19, had no margin of error. But by comparison, the same number of telephone polls would have been 4.4%.

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MM Saints and Deszardins – such as Valerie Plant and Denise Coderre – speak at an event hosted by Les Amis de la Montene on Thursday evening.

Finally, Mr. Holnes will only take part in the talks, the organization said after the announcement of the Montreal and Montreal merger of the Movement.