Files Fraud Advice: Police Officer Mary-Lynne Pearson Will Be Fired

Files Fraud Advice: Police Officer Mary-Lynne Pearson Will Be Fired

Former Saguenay police officer Marie-Lynne Pearson, who was found guilty in December 2022 of consulting the Quebec Police Intelligence Center for personal gain, faces eventual dismissal.

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Mary-Lyne Pearson was fired from her police duties after 11 years of service. He has been suspended since March 2021 due to an administrative investigation into fraudulently accessing records using a police department computer.

After his request for an unconditional pardon was rejected, the case was in the hands of the Police Ethics Committee, which gave its decision: the imposition of the most severe sanction in the eyes of the law, dismissal.

“He decided not to challenge the direction of police ethics recommending his dismissal. We respect his decision and we support him in all employment arrangements surrounding this decision,” explained Francis Bouchard, president of the Fraternity of Police Officers of the city of Saguenay.

Prior to this recommendation by the Police Ethics Commissioner, Mary-Lyne Pearson had been charged in the Criminal Court. He pleaded guilty in December 2022 to using a computer to commit fraud between August 2020 and February 2021. During this period, he consulted the Quebec Police Intelligence Center nine times for personal purposes.

“What got her there was a situation at work, so she was eligible for an ethics complaint made by someone who complained about the conduct. There was a disciplinary history,” Mr. Bouchard underscored.


This is not the first time Mary-Lyne Pearson has acted this way. In 2012, he conducted experiments with the CRPQ to determine the conditions for the release of a man who had assaulted him in the past. Eight years later she did it again, first to get information about her personal vehicle, then about her new partner. He continued despite training in August 2020 to raise awareness about the illegal use of CRPQ.

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“This is an article in the criminal law, so this information was not used for the purpose for which it was made. “It clearly shows the great responsibility and consequences attached to the work of a police officer,” said Francis Bouchard.

According to the court, the police law should have a preventive character and should serve as a precedent.

“I think all police officers will be surprised by the permission given and would not want to find themselves in a similar situation. I think it will make some police officers think,” he thinks.

Mary-Lyne Pearson's removal must be approved by the City of Saguenay soon.

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