Finding a Good Nanny in Canada

Finding a good nanny can be challenging. Besides the costs, you also become concerned about the type of person who’ll care for your children when you’re not there. It’s essential to look for one in the right places, take your time and trust your instincts.

A nanny is employed to take responsibility for and nurture your children. Therefore, finding a good nanny in Canada is more complex than finding a reputable babysitter in La Ronge, for example. 

A babysitter is often temporary and can be needed for a day, a weekend, or one night. On the other hand, a nanny is more permanent, as they must be there almost every day to perform their roles and responsibilities.

The Cost: Live-In vs Live-Out Nannies

A live-in nanny is an excellent option for parents working shifts or coming home late. Stay-in nannies earn around $500 every two weeks. This is the net payment after you’ve deducted their room, meals, water and electricity costs.

Like most workers, live-out nannies arrive at a specific time in the morning and then leave late in the afternoon or evening, depending on your arrangement. Their hourly rate ranges between $10.25 and $18 per hour. This is, of course, determined by their experience, where they live and their qualifications.

How to Find A Good Nanny in Canada?

You can’t tell if a person is trustworthy, responsible, reliable, educated and trained by just looking at them, meeting them once, or talking to them for 30 minutes. To ensure that a nanny has the qualities mentioned above, here are some indicators:

Word of Mouth

Contact friends and family members who’ve had nannies and see if they have someone they can recommend. Referrals can be an excellent start to a good nanny relationship. Having people you know attest to the goodness of a nanny can help you build trust.

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Technology is revolutionizing the way people find childcare so use it in your favor. Parents can now easily search for local caregivers who are available to provide short-term or emergency care. Apps allow parents to access a larger pool of potential caregivers than ever before – giving them more options when it comes to finding quality childcare at the last minute. They can also read reviews from other users so they can make an informed decision about which caregiver is best suited for their needs.

Government Caregiver Programs

Human Resources and Skills Development Canada has a live-in caregiver program that is more similar to an au pair program, as the caregivers are not Canadian citizens. A thorough check of their education, skills and training is done by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada department.

To hire a nanny from this program, you must also have a spacious room and sufficient income to show you can give them a good stay and can afford to pay them.

The Verdict: Trust Your Instincts

Considering the costs and process, finding a nanny in Canada can be a lot. Therefore it’s good to take your time, find a couple of candidates to interview and then decide who you trust to take good care of your children.

Unlike other jobs people are interviewed for, this one’s best candidate cannot be purely based on experience, education and skills; you must also trust your instincts. You know your children best; you have an idea of the kind of person you want around them and the values of your household.

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If your gut feeling isn’t fully agreeing with the person in front of you, then interview more until you find the best nanny you’re looking for.

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