[EN IMAGES] Vaccine: Roll the red carpet for young people!

CIUSSS rolled out the red carpet for teenagers at Rosebel High School in Quebec City on Monday morning to vaccinate high school youth.

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The red carpet, yes, but the DJ, photo station and Mr. Freese also went out to welcome CIUSSS young people aged 12 to 17 on this hot summer day.

Public Health In recent weeks, young people want to feel special after the hard year they went through. “They are our celebrities, they made a lot of sacrifices this year, and we want to recognize this contribution,” said Patricia McKinnon, regional director of the vaccine.

We must acknowledge that this mission has been accomplished.

“We were so happy to receive the reception. We felt like stars,” said Margaret Vachan, a 5th grade student.

“The reception was so wonderful, it was so much fun,” Edward Lapoint said.

For freedom … and a ball

The young people we met were delighted to finally be vaccinated. For many, the little gesture made on Monday morning was, in a sense, a passport to freedom.

“I wanted to work at a summer camp this summer, so I had to get vaccinated. Henry Roy, 16, points out the appeal of being vaccinated in a group.” We used to make jokes on the bus and everything, that’s great. “

The famous thing about broms also came up often. The public health decision on whether or not year-end activities will be allowed is still pending, and many continue to dream about it.

“If it could be an argument for us to have a ball, it would be great. If we all had to be vaccinated, I hope everyone was ready to do it,” said Edward Lapoint.

When asked about this during a press conference, Deputy Prime Minister Genevieve Gilbold was cautious, recalling that public health was still exploring the issue. However, he said the vaccine action should not be seen as a potential transfer to a graduation ball.

“We thank them [de se faire vacciner], But for now, it’s worth a ball, you have to be careful about this type of barter, ”says Ms. Gilbold.

1000 young people

As for the logistics of the process starting Monday, it is important.

From 9:30 a.m., buses began to march in the parking lot of the Expo Fair Center. As everything was going smoothly, it was estimated that about 1,000 young people could be vaccinated from Rosebel High School on Monday afternoon.

With some of the bonuses listed above, the course was similar to the general public. To meet the need, the CIUSSS site mobilized enough staff to operate at full capacity.

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“It’s about 230 vaccines an hour, so we’re really at the maximum number,” Ms McKinnon explains.

Other vaccination centers will also receive young people from different schools in the coming days. School-based activity is set to be extended until the middle of next week.

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