April 21, 2024

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First in province: a Boeing 737 on the highway in Quebec

A huge Boeing 737 aircraft was surrounded by a large police force from Troyes-Rivieres to Quebec on Friday night.

According to a press release issued by Lay 737, this is the first time an aircraft of this size has flown on provincial roads.

The airline will depart from Trois-Rivers Airport at 9pm on Friday. He is scheduled to arrive at a place in Quebec on Saturday from 1 to 2 p.m.

Before joining AutoRoot Dupleix (540) he will first take AutoRoot55 and then AutoRoot40 and finally arrive safely at 937, 9th Street from the airport.

The planning monster

Of course, the device will not be a piece. But the dimensions of the different parts to be carried are out of the norm. The craft room alone is 100 feet long by 14 feet in diameter.

According to the Quebec Ministry of Transport (MTQ), this is one of the largest areas ever taken by highway in Quebec. Under some viaducts, which are 16-feet high, there are only a few inches between the structure and the convoy. Therefore a transparent trailer not exceeding two feet in height is essential.

“Planning and dismantling this aircraft will take more than three months of road transport,” it said in a statement, noting that it would cost hundreds of dollars, thousands of dollars.

Ambitious work

Five trucks will be needed to carry each part of the aircraft, namely the cabin, tail, two wings and landing gear. Many police vehicles designing the convoy were not mentioned.

The process of reconnecting the Boeing 737 takes ten days and will be carried out by about twenty people.

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