General Contracts | Legault wants to benefit minority groups

General Contracts |  Legault wants to benefit minority groups

Quebec Premier Franசois LeColt wants to award more public contracts to less-represented groups, including women. [et] Diversity ”, thanks to the establishment of some criteria.

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Vincent Lorraine

Vincent Lorraine

The leader of the Coalition Avenir Quebec spoke with members of the Quebec Business Women’s Network conference at the Cape Vers la Rூsit conference at the Marriott Hotel in Montreal on Tuesday morning.

Franண்டர்ois Legalt, who responded to a question from a participant who wanted to know if the Quebec government could set certain criteria, said he was already looking into tender calls for lesser representation groups, such as women or cultural minorities. That is possible.

“Sonia [LeBel, la présidente du Conseil du trésor] This purpose already exists. On the other hand, she wants to be careful because, by law, it’s not clear, ”he says.

Autorité des marchés The provisions between the provinces in publics and tenders for tenders prevent certain companies from being favorable, especially when the Quebec government awarded contracts.

“Whether it’s diversity, whether it’s women, whether it simply supports Quebec businesses, we need to see what we can do legally, but nothing stops us: we’re targeting a certain percentage,” says Franுவாois Legalt.

“What we do is keep the sums, that is [pour un contrat de] $ 100,000 or $ 500,000, can we make exceptions? That’s what we see, “he said.

The Prime Minister also expressed support for the implementation of incentives to promote female entrepreneurship, including specific labeling for products of companies run by women.

A transaction blue basket soon

Covenant Avenir, the leader of Quebec, also took the opportunity to announce that transactions could be made on the Panier bleu site.

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Asked later if the site would eventually compete with major merchant sites such as Amazon, Franுவாois Legalt said the Blue Basket should also have delivery components.

“We’re going to start with the Canada Post, but in the end, we need to create that too. But Blue Basket’s idea is to help all businesses sell online, and help Cubs,” he explained.

“It simply came to our notice then. All countries care about Amazon because I see when my guys are at home, it seems like every week boxes come in, it’s American products. Therefore, the biggest challenge, “said the Prime Minister.

Launched at the outset of the epidemic by his government to stimulate local buying, the concept, which made it possible to list Quebec merchants and products primarily, has come under heavy criticism for not allowing consumers to make direct transactions. .

Almost nine months after its creation, in January 2021, the non-profit organization (NPO) Le Panier bleu announced the establishment of the Quebec Online Shopping Site, which brings together all local retailers who wish to join.

This market should allow consumers to do their shopping in the fall of the same year. The plan did not materialize.

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