Former Champlain Bridge | The piles and soles under the water will soon be removed

(Langueville) The new phase of the reconstruction of the old Champline Bridge, which connects Montreal and the South Bank for 57 years, will begin in the coming weeks: the removal of the bridge’s pillars and underwater foundations.

The Les Bridges Jack Cartier et Sampline (PJCCI) company explains that this process will require a new method of reconstruction. This will be done using special excavations assembled on 210-foot by 144-foot boats that will serve as a work surface for the removal of concrete debris to the L’Île-desjetty wharf near Montreal.

The piles of the old structure will be reconstructed from top to bottom by rhythm using a hydraulic hammer installed in the excavation. During the work, the work boats will be assembled so that the decomposing debris can be recovered without harming the environment and then, the materials will be upgraded in the recycling process.

To remove the soles, allow two boats to limit them first. Following that, excavations equipped with a GPS fitting system will extract foundations up to sea level, below the St. Lawrence River.

The surgery will be repeated for 34 soles of the Grand Basin La Prairie.

Once the reconstruction is complete, the vacant space left by the footprints at sea level will be rehabilitated with a stone backfill.

As for the boundaries of the original Champline bridge, their removal began some time ago. At the end of last month, the JCCBI announced that a dozen had already been removed, thanks to a customized mega-catamaran capable of carrying up to 4,800 tons.

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The original Sampline Bridge was decommissioned on June 28, 2019, 57 years after its opening.

In the summer of 2020, Jack Cartier and Champlain Bridges announced that reconstruction work will be carried out within a total of $ 400 million envelope until the winter of 2024.

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