April 21, 2024

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Former Ontario Immunization Officer Erin O’Dowl is backed

(Kitchen) Former Ontario Immunization Task Force Chairman Rick Hillier supports Erin O’Dool. But the retired general at the same time called on conservative candidates, who often refuse to give the vaccine status, “as an example”.

Henry Ovallet-Vagina

Henry Ovallet-Vagina

“This is not a problem for me. A lot of people in this country are not vaccinated yet, but the numbers are improving every day. […] During a brief press conference at a conservative rally in Kitchener in southwestern France, I encourage all candidates to emulate and vaccinate. Ontario.

He responded to a text thus Globe and Mail It revealed on Friday that only 15% of conservative candidates exhibit vaccine status. More than 80% of them did not respond to the requests of the newspaper sent to them for this purpose.

The retired general sees there as “no contradiction” between his efforts to increase vaccination rates and Erin O’Toole’s reluctance to release his candidates’ vaccination rates, indicating that all parties have “the most recent campaign. Security”. “From the beginning, we had a clear rule: everyone campaigning for us should use vaccines. If they are not fully vaccinated, they should use rapid tests,” he said without directly answering questions from reporters.

Although he supports the move, Rick Hillier says he “hates what we have to think about keeping vaccine passports in our country” because, among other things, it will contribute to the creation of a “division in Canada” over time. More and more citizens are “tired” and “tired” of the epidemic.

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He recalled, however, that it was necessary to prescribe a vaccine to give authorities a certain “comfort level” by gradually deconfining. “This is something that is necessary in the short term,” the former soldier raised, and from the beginning, in France, more than a million people attacked the sites of medical appointments after Emmanuel Macron’s implant announcements. Health passport.

Strictly at the political level, Mr. Hillier says he supports Erin O’Toole because he has a “vision.” “You serve others by leading, then you lead by serving. You have to have a vision. And you have to bring people together. I hope Erin can do it. He’s going to make a great leader, and I hope enough Canadians will see this with me.” He said.

When asked what he thinks of the Trudeau administration managing Covit-19, the main stakeholder said he felt some “disappointment”, noting that he could “talk about it for hours and days,” but that he came here mainly because of Mr. O’Dwyer. Support ”

This is the former soldier’s second support for the Conservative leader on Saturday. Previously, he also had the support of former Vice-Admiral Mark Norman, who was suspended from his post in January 2017 and then charged in March 2018 with breach of trust. The government said he had revealed cabinet secrets related to the $ 700 million federal shipbuilding contract awarded by the Conservative government to Davy Shipbuilding in Lewis.

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