Four new victims identified VAT News

Four new victims identified  VAT News

Two more bodies were pulled Monday morning from the wreckage of a traditional residential building that burned 11 days ago in Old Montreal.

Four new victims have also been identified:

– Ann Woo is 31 years old

– Sania Khan is 31 years old

– Nathan Sears is 35 years old

– Dania Zafar is 31 years old

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The bodies of the two victims, wrapped in a yellow sheet, were taken out of the site on stretchers around 11:30 am.

With this, the number of victims has increased to 7.

Over the weekend, a fifth body was pulled from the wreckage by emergency workers.

So far, only one of them has been identified. Camille Maheux is a 76-year-old retired photographer who has lived in the building for 30 years.

The other six bodies have yet to be identified and analyzes will need to be carried out to achieve this.

The cause of the violent fire that broke out in the early hours of March 16 is yet to be established and is under investigation.

The Old Montreal fire will be Montreal’s worst fire in five decades.

In 1975, an arson attack on the Gargantua bar on Rue Beaubien killed 13 people.

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