April 21, 2024

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François Legault was right

François Legault was right

Quebec’s prime minister used “family obligations” as an excuse for not attending Sunday’s commemoration of the attack at Quebec’s grand mosque. Six Muslims were killed by a young Quebecer, and twenty wounded, and the men all prayed.

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Representing the Legault government was Deputy Prime Minister Genevieve Guilbault.

As Le Soleil reports, “If Ottawa, Quebec City and Quebecers all have the right to flowers from Boufeldja Benabdallah, co-founder of the Islamic Cultural Center, the Legault government has the right to the pots. . »

Because the Centre’s Spokesperson, Ms. Addressing Guilbault, François told him to speak to Legault: “Do not be afraid of us. On the contrary, your presence will honor us […] Despite the tough law. »

When it comes to Bill 21 on state secularism, we all know that Justin Trudeau and many religious and rights organizations in Canada are strongly opposed to it.


Note that among Catholics and Jews elsewhere, few Muslims in Quebec accepted it. Across Canada, François Legault is considered a racist, but the majority of Quebecers support his policies on language and secularism.

Given the current climate, and especially in the presence of Prime Minister Trudeau, it is understandable that Prime Minister Legault, who has respectfully participated in attack commemorations in the past, would like to give way to a hero’s welcome at the mosque. Deputy Prime Minister

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Normally, the commemoration was supposed to be a religious ceremony, but it was turned into a platform to denounce a law passed democratically by the National Assembly. Because Bill 21 has become the new target of Prime Minister Trudeau’s frontline attack.

And what about Justin’s unsettling solidarity with the man tasked with building bridges between Muslim communities and Canadians of other faiths or non-believers?


Mr. Elkhawabi has for years consistently denounced Quebecers as a racist and Islamophobic people. Trudeau should know. French Canadians were the most important victims of British colonialism, according to a University of Toronto philosophy professor who wanted to “vomit.” How could he imagine that she would be in any way moderate given her background and her incendiary speech.

What frivolity, what ignorance, what irresponsibility on the part of Justin Trudeau to name this person! Did he allow himself to be manipulated by madam’s cronies to set his sights on a strictly devout Muslim? Couldn’t he find other bilingual Muslim Canadians, intellectually competent and politically moderate, worthy candidates?

Apparently, Madame would not be bothered by all the outrages she uttered against the Quebecers. Note, however, the fury of Minister Pablo Rodríguez, the only minister who has publicly called for his comments to be retracted. What will happen to him in politics?

We must unite behind François Legault. Insults have a season. However, for a time.

To be continued…