April 21, 2024

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Fugitive Paul Mugenti again mocks police officers

Fugitive Paul Mugenti, the perpetrator of the sexual assault, teased the authorities again in a new live Facebook appearance on Monday afternoon, saying they would never find him.

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In a video lasting more than thirty minutes, on Monday, the man who was sentenced to eight years in prison for sexual assault confirms that he did not hide.

“I’m not a fugitive. A fugitive is someone who lives in anonymity. I’m not hiding,” he noted, wearing a happy, red hat.


During his speech, Paul McKenzie said that a contact inside the organization had already announced to him that he was ready to escape.

“I have contacts. I was informed and I was alerted,” Mukhendi said, speaking to his followers using his cell phone and weak internet signal.

“They’re looking for me everywhere, haha”, the man, who celebrated his birthday on Monday, sat in a white room with a desk, library and the Congolese flag.

You can see where I am sending the signal […] You will not find me, you will not find me. This is impossible, ”the priest said.

“Where am I now? They will start to see me in many places. They will see me in Beaufort. Then, they will see me in Montreal, sometimes they will always see me in Veneer. Sometimes towards Laborgnoff. It will be a moment, ”Mukherjee said.

In his speech, Paul Mukherjee also slipped that he was preparing for the biggest rally in London.

The fugitive continues to declare his innocence. He says he is a victim of racism and wants to see his legal battle outside Canada until the end of his life. “I experienced persecution in Quebec.”

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In the Congo?

The video was posted on the Facebook page of the Paul Mugenti Ministry and Evangelical Word of Life Center in Quebec.

The church also showed a WhatsApp phone number there during Mukherjee’s speech. The phone number is linked to a Rogers program and address in Saint-Augustine-de-Desmars.

At the end of the line, a woman is mentioned Magazine Paul Mugenti was not “currently” available and said he was in the Congo.


The Quebec City Police Service (SPVQ), which has an arrest warrant against the pastor, declines to say whether action has been taken to arrest him abroad.

Spokeswoman Sandra Dion said the extradition request was “complicated” if Mukherjee was in the Congo.

According to attorney Andrew Barbeque, who specializes in extradition cases, deporting Paul Mugenti to Canada can be really difficult if he is in Africa.

Congo has no bilateral agreement with Canada for extradition requests.

Mukhendi Seller

  • He has been charged with sexual harassment October 2017.
  • The 44-year-old was convicted by a jury and sentenced to 8 years in prison June 2019.
  • He appeals his case.
  • The August 16, 2021The criminal verdict was upheld by the Court of Appeal.
  • Mukherjee had to surrender to the authorities earlier August 20, 2021 At 3 p.m.
  • He fled against “injustice.”
  • He faces a second sexual assault trial in December.