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Orthopedic surgeries: Private demand rises sharply in Quebec | Corona virus

This week I could not post a letter in the corner, Described Montreal on September 22nd.

She was scheduled to undergo surgery in February 2021 at Hepital Mizonev-Rosemond. But a few days before the surgery, everything changed. She learned that her surgery had been postponed. Another date was set a few weeks later, but the surgery was canceled again.

They explain to me that unfortunately the surgery was canceled. Because there are emergencies where rooms and staff are not available.

Ms Dion refuses to live in uncertainty for the third time. He then decided to resort to the private sector and undergo surgery at the Dowel Orthopedic Clinic.

When we have been contributing to a public health insurance plan for over 50 years I was annoyed to agree to pay the very best amount for a surgery.

A quote:Daniel Dion, patient at Dowell Orthopedic Clinic

So he paid $ 25,000 to have surgery at the Duval Orthopedic Clinic, where the number of patients has been growing rapidly over the past year.

Martin is the general manager of the Saint-Amore Duel Orthopedic Clinic.

Photo: Radio-Canada

The clinic was performing 250 knee and hip replacement surgeries. This year, in 12 months, we will do nearly 1,000 surgeries, four times as much.

A quote:Martin St.-Amore, General Manager of the Orthopedic Clinic

It flows from the public to the private only by patients. Some orthopedic surgeons are increasingly working outside the Rocky DL Insurance Maladi to Quebec system (RAMQ)

It is Pascal-Andre Ventitoli, a surgeon at Mysenue-Rosemond Hospital and full professor of surgery at the University of Montreal.

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He is tired of offering comfort to suffering patients who are unable to function in a public setting. Waiting a year, two years or three years is a little inhumane, Says the doctor.

Pascal Andre Ventitoli, in an interview with journalist David Gentle

Orthopedic surgeon Pascal-Andre Ventitoli

Photo: Radio-Canada

So he gets away with it RAMQ Have to work privately at the Duval Orthopedic Clinic for several months of the year. This allows more surgeries to be performed than the general public, where rooms are not fully functional due to a lack of staff.

We make five or six joint replacements a day. Whereas in times of epidemics in the public system it is dramatic because we can only do one or two a day.

Dr. Ventitoli is disappointed that orthopedics is the first area where surgeries are postponed since the onset of the infection. It is no longer certain that the public sector can improve its performance in this sector.

I have invested a lot in public organization to improve attention. I find that people have equal access to care. Unfortunately, after all these years, the general system has failed me.

A quote:Pascal-Andre Ventitoli, orthopedic surgeon

Quebec Group Physicians for General Planning (MQRPDowell believes the success of the orthopedic clinic stems in part from the problem of increased access to infection.

We must not forget that private and public ships communicate. Every doctor, every nurse working in the private sector, these are less sources of public organization, which ends with more cases, Writes President Isabel Leplank.

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Dr. Ventitoli knows that many patients make great sacrifices to have surgery in the private sector. His patient Daniel Dion was willing to pay $ 25,000 to get his mobility back and stop suffering. But she wants Quebec to pay for more surgery.

It seems to me that the cost of the surgery would be reasonable and that repaying $ 15,000 out of $ 25,000 would reduce the public burden.