German Christmas Market: Quebec will be transformed into a Christmas story

After a more modest edition imposed by the epidemic, the German Christmas market in Quebec will return to its original edition this year, but with additional spaces in the center of old Quebec and original collaboration with Robert Lபேpez and Le Diamond.

The Christmas market will be used in its usual locations, such as Hotel-de-Ville, Place de l’Hotel-de-Ville and Roo Saint-Ann Gardens, but this will be extended to Place de Uville and At. Place de Arms, the novelty for this great comeback.

It was at Place de Uville that Mr. The collaboration between Lepage and the market will be appreciated by the audience. Details of this innovation will be announced on November 25, the market opening day. It ends on December 23rd.

This year’s excellent comeback and new products are the biggest relief for the market group that has gone through a period of uncertainty caused by the health crisis.

“We were shivering, but everything is online, which would be a good version,” said Britta Groger, market leader.


Due to the still raging epidemic, the market group is forced to adapt to the health practices that are still in place, i.e. to exclude and avoid crowding. This is one of the reasons why the market for the 2021 edition has been extended to Place d’Youville and Place d’Armes.

“All of this is used to put the crowd in a little space, but it will be very nicely decorated, the president promises. We want Quebec to be like a Christmas story.”

In addition, Santa Claus will be in his cart, the Place de Arms. Families will be able to come to their turn and the queue will be monitored to ensure health instructions are respected.

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