Got a “ticket” for it? The most unusual tickets of 2023

Got a “ticket” for it?  The most unusual tickets of 2023

Newspaper It analyzed more than a million tickets issued by the Montreal Police Department. Here are the most unusual of 2023.

Hit and run in a wheelchair

In June 2023, an electric wheelchair driver was walking down the small Westmore Street in the Notre-Dame-de-Grâce district when he was hit by “an animal weighing more than 25 kg”. But the citizen did not report the accident to the police “without delay”, thereby causing grave wrongdoing Road Safety Code. In fact, if the driver of a road vehicle, including a wheelchair, is involved in an accident with an animal weighing more than 25 kg, an unmanned road vehicle or other inanimate object, and the owner cannot be contacted on site, a report must be made to the police. .

▪ Fines and costs: $280 to $469 and 9 demerit points

One driver, two licenses

A motorist driving on Saint-Jean Boulevard in Dollard-des-Ormeaux was convicted of having two valid driver’s licenses from two different US states.

The Road Safety Code Quebec prohibits any driver from holding two valid licenses from elsewhere in Canada or the United States, a rule that was violated 11 times in Montreal last year.

In our neighbors to the south, holding two licenses from different states is prohibited.

▪ Fines and costs: $917

Broken horn

Nine motorists received a ticket in 2023 because their “horn,” commonly known as a horn, was not in “good working order.”

▪ Fines and costs: $90

At the other end of the spectrum, police cracked down on 180 drivers who were too aggressive in honking their horns.

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▪ Fines and costs: $155

Cyclists sit incorrectly

Five Montreal cyclists were fined last year for riding their bikes. No, police data indicates that these are not passengers, but drivers. Section 477 of Road Safety Code In fact, it provides that “the cyclist must ride and constantly hold the handlebars.”

▪ Fines and costs: $110

On a slippery slope

The Road Safety Code Any driver parking on a slope must steer the wheels towards the pavement. More unusual than others, this crime is surprising because of its numbers: 422 tickets in 2023 alone.

This is more than offenses for using a cell phone while cycling (333) or repeat cell phone offenders while driving (310).

In less than an hour on the night of November 9, a police officer issued 25 tickets for vehicles not turning their wheels on rue Lacombe in Cote-des-Neiges.

“No one is safe from a mechanical breakdown. Last year we had one death and one seriously injured due to such situations. So yes, it is important,” explains Michael Lebrun, commander in charge of road safety at the SPVM.

▪ Fines and costs: $90

A racing driver… on a bike

On July 15, a cyclist was intercepted for his bicycle race at the corner of Henri-Pourassa and Saint-Vital in the Montreal-Nord district. Can his enemy escape from the police? The story is not told. However, only one crime has been registered.

▪ Fines and costs: $80

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