February 25, 2024

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UQAM will offer fast track to teachers from September

UQAM will offer fast track to teachers from September

“I am against the idea of ​​patenting at a discount,” declared the Dean of the Faculty of Education at UQAM Jean Belanger bluntly. Quebec Journal In February 2023.

As president of the Association representing the Deans of Academic Faculties (ADÉREQ), Jean Bélanger responded to the seven priorities of Minister Bernard Trinville (including the creation of a fast track).

Dean wasn't hiding it: he was Very confusing believed that It was going too fast. Expulsion of Minister Trineville had an electric shock effectHe agrees.

Despite his reluctance, the man with more than 20 years of experience in the UQAM education sector wanted to fight against the teacher shortage. Not anywayHe mentions.

Jean Bélanger called on all faculty professors: something must be done. I raised my hand and things fell into place very quicklyElaine Turgeon, Director of the Undergraduate Program in Preschool and Elementary Education (ÉPEP) says:

Elaine Turgeon helped design the new UQAM program, which has been approved locally for an official start in fall 2024.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Patrick Andre Perron

We had this desire to help and contribute in our own wayshe adds.