Govt-19: Attendance conditions are tightened in living conditions

To combat the spread of COVID-19, conditions for access to living conditions such as CHSLDs, intermediate resources or private nursing homes were tightened on Tuesday.

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The Department of Health and Social Services announced on December 22 new orders modifying what was already in effect.

Only informal caregivers now have access to intermediate sources (RIs) that welcome CHSLDs, seniors and private nursing homes (RPAs).

Only one caregiver per day will be allowed in CHSLD and IR, while only one caregiver per day will be allowed in RPAs, with a maximum of two per day.

In order to control the inflow and outflow of these establishments, a maximum of four caregivers can be identified per occupant of these living conditions.

All caregivers must have their vaccination passport on hand to meet the loved one, he was reminded.

These austerity measures were determined following the continuing increase in Govt-19 cases found in various living situations. As of January 2, 2,640 active cases had been reported in 521 facilities.

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