Vaccine passport is required to enter SAQ and SQDC

Vaccine passport is required to enter SAQ and SQDC

With the support of a population that imposes more restrictions on unvaccinated individuals, Quebec wants to impose a vaccination passport on the branches of the Society des Alcoles to Quebec (SAQ) and the Society of Quebecois to Cannabis (SQTC). Newspaper.

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According to reports, the decision was made by Quebec in the last few hours, the details of which will be announced at a press conference this week.

At the time of writing, however, there were still some discussions about the implementation of the passport at the branches. For example, do we hear it at the entrance or at the cash desk?

We do not wish to give further details about the SAQ or SQDC application terms.

Keep in mind that a vaccination passport is currently required to access performance halls, bars and restaurants, casinos, conferences and conventions, places of worship and sports facilities.

Several scenarios were examined

But in recent days, pressure is mounting on the CAQ government to tighten its grip on those who have not been vaccinated.

Franுவாois LeCold himself asked Public Health to see if it would expand the use of the vaccine passport in other businesses. “I understand there is a kind of anger over those who are not vaccinated,” he began at a news conference.

In the minds of the people, the CAQ government determined the branches of SQDC and SAQ, which continued to increase sales and profits during epidemics.

The staff was not affected

While customers now have to be vaccinated to buy their favorite bottle of wine, it does not impose the same obligation on employees at Quebec branches.

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The government has repeatedly stated that it does not want to force the authorities to vaccinate.

The situation in Ontario is completely different. Since last October, LCBO staff (Ontario equivalent to SAQ) must show a white foot and have proof of the vaccine to work.

The Federation of National Trade Unions (CSN), SAQ and SQDC has a number of staff members who claim to have launched a campaign to educate its members about the vaccine.

“Only the employer or the government can decide on the compulsory vaccination,” the union said in a statement.

“What a union can do is put in place an information strategy for its members to promote the vaccine. Through email, video and press release, they were encouraged to receive the first, second or third dose of the vaccine,” CSN continued.

– With Jean-Louis Fortin and Yves Daoust

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