Govt-19: BC extends health restrictions until February 16th

The order, issued on December 22, extends public health As a result, bars, gyms and studios were closed Dancing and Prohibited Indoor Private Meetings.

Therefore, bars and nightclubs will be closed until February 16, restaurants will not be able to accommodate more than six people per table, and theaters and theaters will have to make up 50% of their performance.

Organized indoor gatherings such as receptions and celebrations are prohibited at this time.

Health restrictions were due to expire at midnight on January 18, but were extended when health officials held a weekly press conference.

The change was not announced in advance. On Monday, Health Minister Adrian Dix tweeted that Chief Medical Officer Bonnie Henry would provide further details at a press conference on Tuesday.

Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections.

People and businesses are really confused right now and do not know what to expect, Liberal MP Peter Milobar wrote on Twitter. Businesses that hang on to a thread deserve better communication from the government two years after the outbreak.

Green Party MP Adam Olson tweeted that this was misinformation. The press conference should have taken place [lundi] Instead of a tweet at 4:22 p.m.

D.Re Bonnie Henry said Friday that the COVID-19 epidemic in British Columbia may have reached its peak, but the number of people hospitalized with the disease this week continues to rise.

Vaccination status of teachers

Another order from the Chief Medical Officer of Health was also issued on Monday.

School boards should now collect information on the vaccination status of their staff.

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Health problems for students and other staff are caused by unvaccinated staff, Refers to the command, however the teachers’ vaccine is not required.

Holding information on the vaccination status of employees To help School Boards and Principals Reduces the risk of virus transmissionIncludes official text released online on Monday.

This fall, the British Colombian government chose Every 60 school boards in the province should be allowed Decide on their own policy on compulsory vaccination against Govt-19.

The Delta School Board in Greater Vancouver announced it Wanted to force its staff to be vaccinated, But those who have not been vaccinated may have the option to continue testing using Rapid Tests.

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