Leger survey: Quebecs send a signal to the CAQ

For the first time since the outbreak began, the yellow lights in front of Franுவாois Legalt were lit, while Eric Duheim had a chance to score points and could make a profit in Quebec, according to a Leger poll –Newspaper.

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The sound, which took place last weekend, says a lot about the mood of voters who can no longer bear the curfew order, with 84% agreeing to remove it.

François Legault’s Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) is down four points compared to an earlier Léger poll released last month, when it came to recording the record number of hospital admissions in Quebec.

The government also sees the satisfaction rate melting by five points.

“It’s actually a yellow light for the government of the CAQ, explains pollster Jean-Marc Leger.” This is the first time we’ve seen this lineage since the epidemic began.

In contrast, Eric Duheim’s Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ) won by six points to more votes.

“Something is happening, and if it continues, it could be dangerous,” the pollster believes.

The fall in CAQ is 13% between the ages of 35 and 54, and men (-6%) are more likely to ignore Franுவாois Legault.

Still in Quebec

Although the CAQ still dominates, there is a significant rise in Éric Duhaime’s party in the metropolitan area of ​​Quebec, where 22% of voters say they are ready to vote for the Conservative Party.

“Currently, this is the only place where he can elect people,” he said. Leger said. In the rest of Quebec, opinion polls suggest the Conservative Party is “still on the margins”.

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What is unique is that he is surprised to see five parties in the saddle splitting the vote. “It’s inevitable, it’s in favor of the CAQ,” he said. Leger believes.

Legault is still popular

Even in the midst of the storm, François Legault remains “still very popular,” with 42% of voting motives and 45% of voters seeing him as the best prime minister, especially with 36% of PQ members sharing the verdict.

Dominic Angled’s Liberal Party is still struggling with just 12% support on the phonographs and the intent to get 20% of the vote in general. Party Quebecois meets face with Conservatives, while Quebec Solitaire increases its score by a small point.

The results of the races: If elections were held this week, the CAQ would have won more seats than 2018 and retained its majority seats.

“One thing is for sure, the election is far from over for the CAQ,” he said. Leger considers.

So the next campaign will be “decisive”. “Right now, the pollster is pointing out that this is a real battle for second place. Who is the alternative?

It remains to be seen whether any easing of the rise of the PCQ “directly linked to the activities of recent weeks” will put Jean-Mark Ledger in perspective.

Health contribution is popular

The tax contribution to non-vaccines proposed last week by François Legault does not seem to be a problem for most Cubans.

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Criticized by many experts for ethical or legal reasons, the health tax idea receives 61% support from surveyed voters.

“The health tax is still popular,” said Jean-Marc Leger, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.

Details of this tax contribution will be mentioned in the bill promised in February.

Vaccination passport imposition on SAQ and SQDC and, more widely, compulsory vaccination are widely supported.

Just 4% complete immunization

The last stroke of Leger’s dream-Newspaper Draws the usual portrait of anti-waxers, they are certainly noisy, but less in number.

Overall, the company Léger observes that the hardcore size of cubes that always refuse to be vaccinated is approximately 4%. This includes those who have a medical condition that prevents them from being vaccinated.

So, who were the anti-Waxers among the survey respondents? Most do not have children and enrollment is low. Quebec’s Conservative Party has the highest number of unvaccinated voters (27%).

“Three-quarters of the members of the Conservative Party in Quebec have been vaccinated. So this is not just the party against the vaccine. People are more frustrated with control measures than they are with vaccinations, ”said Jean-Marc Leger.


The Internet survey conducted among 1032 Quebecer people aged 18 or over was approximately recruited.

Data were collected from January 14 to 16, 2022.

Although the margin of error can not be calculated on a sample drawn from a panel, for comparison purposes, the maximum error margin on the sample of 1032 respondents is 3.1%, which is 19 out of 20 times.

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