Govt-19: Rise continues in Ontario

The number of cases continues to rise in Ontario, with 4,383 new cases as of Wednesday. The country’s most populous province also recorded nine new deaths.

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Hospital admissions increased (420, +8), and the number of intensive care patients increased slightly (168, +3).

Elsewhere in Canada, Saskatchewan reported 108 new cases and one death, while Manitoba added 395 cases and two deaths to its death toll on Wednesday. New Brunswick (237 cases and one death) and Newfoundland and Labrador (60 cases) also updated their figures.

In the West, Alberta and British Columbia updated their reports with 1,346 new infections and five deaths and 1,528 new cases and six new deaths, respectively. For British Columbia, the number of daily cases since the outbreak began was a record.

Quebec reached a new high on Wednesday with 6,361 new COVID-19 infections reported.

The previous day, 5043 people had registered in the province. Two more deaths were added to the number. Since the outbreak, 501,698 cubes have been infected and 11,652 have been infected.

Hospital admissions also increased when the number of those in intensive care remained stable compared to Tuesday (88) (445, +30).

In Montreal, the center of the epidemic, the positive rate reached 18%. Nearly one in five PCR tests is positive. This percentage is five points higher than the Quebec average (13.1%)

To curb the spread of this wave and the Omigron variant, Quebec’s Premier Franą®šois Legold is due to announce a new tightening of health measures already in place on Wednesday evening.

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“Like many parts of the world, Quebec is facing very difficult choices. The ability to treat or not treat sick Cubans in the coming weeks will guide us. We will come to you tomorrow with our results,” he wrote on Twitter on Tuesday.

Ontario: 661,563 cases (10,133 deaths)

Quebec: 501,698 cases (11,652 deaths)

Alberta: 345,080 cases (3,299 deaths)

British Columbia: 231,171 cases (2,403 deaths)

Saskatchewan: 82,442 cases (944 deaths)

Manitoba: 72,283 cases (1,368 deaths)

Nova Scotia: 11,111 cases (110 deaths)

New Brunswick: 11,065 cases (149 deaths)

Newfoundland and Labrador: 2,327 cases (18 deaths)

Northwest Territories: 2,082 cases (12 deaths)

Yukon: 1,652 cases (14 deaths)

Nunavut: 676 cases (4 deaths)

Prince Edward Island: 533 cases

Returnees to Canada: 13 cases

Total: 1,920,822 cases (30,101 deaths)

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