Green Party MP Liberal goes

Green Party MP  Liberal goes

(Ottawa) Green Party MP Genica Advin joins the Liberal Party.

Melanie Marquis

Melanie Marquis

The reasons for the departure of the New Brunswick elected officer are unknown. According to our reports, there have been behind-the-scenes discussions over the past few weeks, and Minister Dominique LeBlanc, who will be the elected New Brunswick, has been implicated in those talks.

He was the one who formalized the news of Genica Edwin’s visit to the Liberals at a press conference in Fredericton. The capital of New Brunswick is located in the constituency represented by the House of Commons since 2019 by Genica Edwin.

“We hope he will make a tremendous contribution to the government and to the people of Canada,” Leplank said.

“This is a good day,” the liberal rookie dropped into the microphone. “I did not expect it to come to this,” he added, adding that he was “confident”, “optimistic” and assured his members that he would sustain himself.

Responding to questions from the media on the spot, he did not want to talk about the split between two of the party’s three elected members, including himself, over the issue of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. , No The powder ignited within the party.

The head of the Jewish faith, Annami Paul, has been accused of anti-Semitism by a close adviser, Jenica Advin, and another Green MP, Paul Manley.

New Brunswick MP In recent days he has been acting in silence.

“Our leader, Annami, is the spokesperson for the Green Party, and for this reason, he is responsible for answering all questions about the party,” he said in an email on Friday. Press.

“I will not be distracted by having to do a lot of work. More and more Canadians are raising the horror of residential schools and the profound consequences they have created,” he said.Me Advin.

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“I call on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission for action and I strive to invest my energies in implementing the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Women and 2SLGBTQQIA + People,” she concluded.

Alexandre Bouveris, vice president of the NDP, saw an instability in the former green. “Will he defend the transmountain pipeline and hydraulic breakdown as pure energy? Oops. It does not refer to the rights of the Palestinians,” he asked on Twitter.

In the last referendum in October 2019, the current Liberal MP in New Brunswick, Fredericton rides. Geneica Advin defeated Matt Dicorsi.

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