Habitats Trigon loses everything to RBQ

Resident Trigon currently holds 19 licenses, which allow the construction of buildings sold or leased in condominiums. The company also filed an application to obtain four other licenses from the RBQ. In its conclusion, the Bureau refuses to grant these new licenses to the builder. This decision particularly affects the second phase of the Éco-quortier de la Gare complex located in Prochard on the south coast of Montreal.

As licenses are revoked, work must be stopped on all sites, even if the work is done by subcontractors. Company executives, who have not yet commented, have already forced their lawyers to appeal their case to the Quebec Executive Tribunal. They are asking for the decision to be put on hold.

The decision of manager Mee Gilles Mignold is based on an investigation specifically led by Franோois Gillemet. According to the directors of Habitations Trigon, Patrice Saint-Pierre and Serge Rouard, the bureau is following up on the report, which aired as part of the program. Bill, Aired on ICI Radio-Canada, RBQ showed interest in their business.

The two founders of the Habitations Triangle, Patrice St. Pierre and Serge Rouard

Photo: Radio-Canada

The RBQ investigation began in February 2020, just days after the first report aired. For leaders, it shows How hard Rocky worked Create a case against the defendants and Fill out the order. But to the manager, The origin of the investigation is irrelevant.

The trap of many companies

The manager first criticizes the company for creating chaos Unparalleled width Among the many companies of the Habitations Triangle.

Customers, analysts, municipalities and contractors are caught up in these business issues, trademarks and confusing claims of who the real entrepreneurs are.

A quote:I Gilles Mignold, RBQ Manager


At his conclusion, the board of directors appoints all companies owned by the Habitations Triangle using the term trigonometry.

The problem is so complex that even leaders get lost in it, says M. Gilles Mignold. As if that weren’t enough, the Trigon team [Habitations Trigone] Adds more often in various official or promotional documents using the wrong license or company number. How to be a citizen […] Can he find his way during the Triangle ensemble? [Habitations Trigone] Did he and his staff fail to do that? He asks.

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Moreover, the manager points out that because of this confusion, buyers mistakenly believe that the contractor is the Habitations Triangle. However, they do not learn the true identity of the builder until they sign a preliminary agreement or notary. Habitations Trigone is a trademark that is not licensed under the RBQ.

A woman looks into the distance.

Lucy Grotto, owner of a condo in the Loft Chevrolet

Photo: Radio-Canada

Doing so lacks transparency and sows confusion. The identity of the entrepreneurs we do business with is important. Deliberately or intentionally concealing one’s true identity is generally intended to deceive the public and especially the prospective buyer. In short, it undermines the good faith and ethics values ​​provided by law. In other words, it is contradictory [à] Law, Can we read his conclusion?

Continuous defects

In addition, the manager blamed the manufacturer for the seller post-service, despite the fact that many sites were poorly built. “Evidence suggests some poor workmanship and some construction defects, not to mention poor quality of after-sales service,” he said.

In his conclusion, he listed the major flaws in 15 sites. It also retains the testimony of Yannick Lafontaine, who revealed this last September Bill Habitats Triangular construction methods.

During his testimony, he [M. Lafontaine] Finishing work was carried out on the condo of the Viva-sitte project located on the lower floors while the roof was unfinished. So water stagnated in these condos, which caused mold and mildew., He points out.

Yannick Lafontaine's middle shot, seated.

Yannick Lafontaine has spent most of his career working on the Habitations Triangle sites.

Photo: Radio-Canada

As Bill As shown in the previous report, this is not the only site built this way. Like the Hamev des Pins project, [Yanic] Lafontaine was instructed to spray bleach, and he did, The manager notes.

For its part, the Habitations Triangle confirms Non-water gypsum and wet wool are completely removed and replaced. However, the console Holds the version of Lafontaine […] Ensures this way of doing things on different platforms.

The number of complaints sent by unsatisfied customers to various warranty schemes is high, with nearly 1,100, of which 731 have been installed, the manager said. “This is too much. Evidence shows that in many cases they have failed in their obligations, thus forcing the buyer to seek a guarantee scheme. By acting in this way, respondents have created an environment in which these people have undermined the trust they have in themselves,” he wrote.

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Neglected arbitrator decisions and judgments

The Bureau blames the Bureau of Directors for not complying with the arbitral award and the judgments rendered against them. So many customers were found to be unsupportive of themselves, and despite the verdict, one of the Habitations Triangle companies had to pay them a certain amount.

It is not in the public interest to allow executives to continue to play an active role in the construction industry when they ignore previous judgments against themselves or their companies. Licensing the companies of these leaders is tantamount to providing moral support for this type of behavior.

A quote:I Gilles Mignold, RBQ Manager
A woman looks into the distance.

Denise Label owns a condo in Îlots du Havre

Photo: Radio-Canada

The manager insists that the managers made false statements in the documents submitted to the RBQ by the Habitations Trigon companies. Some of them did the work without a license or without proper subdivisions., He mentions.

He also recalled that there were leaders Frequently Was found guilty of violations of the law for occupational health and safety. Some of these crimes are serious […] And endanger the safety of their employees and the public, He mentions.

Public trust

The manager considers that the managers of the Habitations Triangle are no longer worthy of the public’s trust. “The allegation against the respondents and their managers greatly affected the confidence of the clients, but a reasonable person who could have known what was revealed during the investigation. [de la RBQ] Past behavior has proven that respondents and / or their leaders are no longer worthy of public trust, ”he declared.

He reminds us that buying a home is an important event in a person’s life. This purchase should not be a Russian roulette game in which it is not clear whether the building will suffer from construction defects, whether the contractor or company will be negligent, bankrupt or unable to deliver the building on the scheduled date. Who is the businessman? If something goes wrong, can it cope with its responsibilities or will it just run out of space? He writes.

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For the manager, it is common to both managers and their companies Lack of morality. According to him, leaders show Lack of faith and honesty, As well as a Lack of transparency that sows confusion with the effect of misleading the public and future buyers while undermining the values ​​of good faith and ethics.

According to him, these behaviors and behaviors are unacceptable, aggressive and repetitive. In addition, leaders did not show that they needed to improve.

In this situation, how can we be sure that the alleged facts will not happen again? Obviously, we have to conclude that this is unthinkable.

A quote:I Gilles Mignold, RBQ Manager

For all these reasons, he rejected the idea of ​​suspending the licenses held by the two leaders. “Considering the evidence and the intentions of the law, the respondents’ licenses will be revoked and license applications will be rejected, ”he said.

This restriction, which must be applied immediately, currently affects 19 and 23 licenses held by the Habitations Triangle, which is preferred by 19 others. The Board recognizes that the cancellation will have consequences on current construction projects. Also, the directors of the company pleaded that the permission would not be available immediately.

The cancellation will affect not only the hundreds of employees in the head office, but also hundreds of subcontractors and their thousands of employees. [et] Thousands of buyers and tenants of residential apartments are continuing on a series of construction projects, avise-t-on.

However, the Bureau recalled that this was usually an argument and that it was the essence of an agreement. “If the leaders had respected the laws and various regulations, we would not have come to this.

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