Harassment of journalists | Twitter deletes Maxim Bernier’s post

(Ottawa) Twitter deleted the post of Maxim Bernier, leader of the People’s Party of Canada, who insulted journalists on social media and shared their contact details.

Christopher Reynolds
Canadian Press

In a post on Wednesday, Maxim Bernier called three leading media journalists “idiots” and released their email: “They like to play dirty, and we play dirty too.”

He encouraged his 160,000 subscribers to contact reporters, and released some excerpts from comments after the federal election on Monday as evidence that he considered them “disgusting slander.”

They claim that the Association of Journalists has a legal and ethical obligation to send questions to politicians and to attack journalists because their work is “unacceptable and dangerous.”

A spokesman for Twitter Canada said the company had removed a post from Maxim Bernier’s account for violating its privacy policy.

The People’s Party did not immediately comment.

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