Corona virus to send federal aid to Alberta, Ottawa

In a message posted on Twitter, Minister Blair promised to deliver The Alberts need support during these difficult times.

It responds thus Ask for help Sent by the province earlier this week to free up the existing health system Broke the record for hospitalization related to COVID-19.

Former Minister of Health, Tyler Sandro, resigned In the wake of the crisis.

Alberta Municipal Affairs Minister Rick McIver asked for federal assistance Tuesday. For example, he called on Ottawa to help evacuate Alberta patients from the province, for example by increasing aviation medical evacuation resources.

He called on the federal government to send more essential staff to Alberta Health Services (AHS), including nurses and respiratory specialists for intensive care units.

There are a variety of resources available, including the use of medical resources from federal aid [Forces armées canadiennes] And / or an aerial medical discharge capability, as well as Canadian Red Cross resources […] As well as other human resources, Minister Blair said in his Twitter post.

The military is ready to intervene

The Canadian Armed Forces have confirmed that assistance has been sought from Alberta. CAF to send critical care nurses, airlift equipment and staff to support Operation Laser, The spokesman said in a written reply to the CBC.

Air exhaust equipment and personnel must be available within 24 hours; National Security says eight specialized nurses could be hired in the next three days.

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Alberta currently has more than 20,000 active COVID-19 cases, more than any other Canadian province. There are an average of 1,500 new cases of infection a day. The peak of more than 2,000 cases was announced last Friday.

As of Thursday, 1,058 patients had been hospitalized with illness, of which 226 were in intensive care. Deaths are piling up on Tuesday 29, Wednesday and Wednesday, including the first person under the age of 20, and 17 on Thursday.

Intensive care units in several areas Has reached 100% of their potential Host this week. According to the AHS, nationwide, intensive care is 89% of its capacity, including extra beds.

The United Conservative government rushed to add intensive care beds, doubling the original total to 173 and sending staff back to manage them.

The main effect of these measures is the massive abolition of selective surgeries throughout Alberta. Doctors have also said how to proceed if doctors have to decide who will receive care and who will not, if the remaining resources are depleted.

Jason Kenny’s leadership is questionable

In Calgary, Alberta NDP opposition leader Rachel Nodley said it was time for Prime Minister Jason Kenny to transfer public health decisions related to the Govt-19 crisis to health professionals.

He added that it was clear that Mr Kenny was more focused on his political survival than the epidemic.

It should never have comeMs. Nodley said.

Jason Kenny knew his plan was not working in July and he did nothing. In fact he was gone [en vacances]. Throughout August and until September, the United Conservative Party refused to act as the crisis intensified.

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Now all Alberts are experiencing the effects of the inaction and collective efficiency of the United Conservative Party.

Ms Nodley said good public health decisions are mediated by political compromises. He asked that the results be handed over to Dr. Tina Hinshaw, Alberta’s chief medical officer, who is supported by an independent scientific advisory panel.

Rachel Nodley, on the right, condemned the handling of the epidemic by Alberta Premier Jason Kenny.

Photo: CBC / Mike Simington

[Les Albertains] They need the best leadership of their government to deal with this epidemic. But instead of taking action to protect the Alberts, Jason Kenny and the United Conservative Party seem to be focusing on their own defense.NDP opposition leader said.

The Prime Minister of Alberta is facing serious criticism for seeking to resign over his handling of the Covit-19 epidemic. Criticism began just before last Christmas, when his government responded slowly to a second wave that quickly engulfed hospitals. On May 3, the government fell behind again in wave 3, becoming the fourth and worst wave to date.

Mr. Kenny succumbed to his party’s anti-control elements and was accused of harming public health.

Associations on some of the rides of the United Conservatives are urging him to immediately review his leadership.

Joel Mullen, the party’s vice president for policy, has openly called for Kenny’s resignation, saying the public and the party have lost faith.

Mr. Kenny met with his committee on Wednesday and then called on the party to go ahead with its leadership review.

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The Prime Minister met the party leader on Wednesday and called for UCP 2022 [assemblée générale annuelle] It takes place in the spring and the planned leadership inspection takes place at that timeDave Prisco, director of communications for Jason Kenny’s party, said.

The party is working to confirm the date and location for this [concrétiser cela].

Jason Kenny was kidnapped earlier this week for asking reporters to resign, saying he was focusing on the COVID-19 crisis, not political conspiracy.

The evolution of COVID-19 from hour to hour.

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