Her mother is trapped in Cuba: “I wish we could bring her home”

Her mother is trapped in Cuba: “I wish we could bring her home”

A Saint-Adèle woman doesn’t know where to turn to repatriate her mother, who has been stuck in Cuba since the beginning of the month because she hasn’t renewed her permanent residency.

“The embassies are passing the money and after more than 60 hours of waiting on the phone lines, we still have no news. We filled out a ton of paperwork, contacted representatives and collected the necessary documents, but nothing,” reprimands Johnny Bonio, overwhelmed by the situation.

After seven days of vacation under the Varadero sun, Evelyn Myler would normally have been on a return flight with Air Canada on March 2. But, he was denied boarding.

“My mother does not have Canadian citizenship, but she has lived in Quebec for 60 years. “Unfortunately, he was detained at the airport as his permanent resident card had expired,” explains Ms Bonno.

Wrong information

Janie Bonneau regrets not better vetting repatriation recommendations. However, before leaving, she inquired with a travel agent.

“My mother used to keep her papers in order. She worried that her expired permanent residency would cause problems for her. That’s why we consulted our travel agent,” said Ms.me Bonnet.

According to him, the travel agent assured him that he did not need a permanent resident card to travel to Cuba and that his French passport was sufficient. M’s motherme Bonneau insisted Evelyne Milor still bring her birth certificate and other identification so everything was in order.

“We are not trying to blame anyone. The travel agent may not know. But how come my mother wasn’t alerted when she was leaving at the Montreal airport?” asks her daughter.

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No news

The 63-year-old woman has already been stuck in Cuba for nine days. Officials could not say when he would return home.

“I don’t know which door to knock on anymore. I have already contacted the delegation, the embassy, ​​Global Affairs Canada… but I have no news. It doesn’t make sense that my mother is still there,” laments Johnny Bonio, clearing his throat.

A good Samaritan agreed to host a 60-year-old man in Havana, Cuba, until things got better. A solution that brings relief to the family, but it is only temporary.

“At least we know she has a roof over her head. But again, Havana is not a very safe place. We need to find someone to insure, but no one wants to do that. She can’t leave the house. She’s definitely scared,” said M.me Bonnet.

By telling her mother’s story, Janie Bonneau hopes to move things forward and prevent other similar situations.

“I want them to put my mother on a plane and bring her to me. I’m very worried, I want her back. Then we can face the consequences,” he underlines.

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