April 21, 2024

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Gérard Bouchard, a sociologist and former chairman of the “Bouchard-Taylor” Commission, was concerned over the weekend. Duty “The new wave of English languages ​​currently spreading in our language”.

For good reason, he sees a sad “relaxation” in it.

The event is huge. These are, in our sentences, the “sequence” that replaces the “file”; “Flag”, for warning, statement; “Shake” to shake; “Hoody” for kangaroo clothing. And how many.

Instead of saying “stunned”, many turn their mouths to let go of the “dazzling”. The complex English word makes chic. The French word sought would be hypocritical, we must believe.

Strange layers are able to impose themselves. Henceforth, we “take action” (to act, to intervene); We say “how”, etc.

This is the old ballad, you will answer. In 1962, Leo Ferrero paradoxically sang “The French Language”: “It’s a Formid / What My Dear / But in Bed / This Is My Journey / My Best Seller […] / And I’m French / It’s a pleasure

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Sixty years later, Bouchard simplifies: The phenomenon “comes to us from France”.

Our “relatives” confuse English worship, of course. Bouchard underscores this: “Sorbonne University” is on Twitter. Recently, the company tweeted in English about a collaboration agreement with Laval University!

Another drawback: The public site that integrates the French medical database is called the “Health Data Hub”. On Twitter, I challenged the boss. His response: “Desire to be a part of the European approach. We also have a small French legal name: Health Data Platform, if you will ”.

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For many in France and France, now in Quebec, Bouchard says it is “too bad” (too “cheap” and “not overweight”.

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The sociologist added that he was annoyed when “a speaker inserted” in the sentence “an English word or expression”: “as it is said in English …”

I share the existing # Mononc101 annoyance! I also teased a former columnist colleague last Friday, Vincent Marisall, the champion of this process. Unfortunately (otherwise interesting), he spoke at the Blue Saloon, “‘tongue slipping’, as the English say”. Isn’t “Lapsus” loud enough?

This, I pointed out to him, was a real tremor within him. He often comes up with a kind of bizarre shocking warning: “As we say in Chinese”. Examples: “” Balpark figure “, as we say in Chinese”. “As we say in Chinese:” I was there, I did. “” Others, as we say in Chinese, “Hard luck.” Etc.

The responsibility of intellectuals

Return to Bouchard page. Quebec intellectuals are also responsible for this devaluation of our language.

In an important interview on March 2, 2011, Bouchard endorsed the Charles government’s plan to make compulsory English learning compulsory for everyone in the 6th grade: “Ignoring English is ‘criminal'”, he dramatized!

In my opinion, the idea is not to “retreat” in English. Do not blindly discard all debts.

But to realize that English is being learned through oscillation in our digital age, we need to consider new ways (not just legally) to preserve and improve our language. To thwart the “astrologic” fidget of the “Never Give Up” genre, our own campuses run the risk of making people acceptable.