Here’s how Quebec needs to adapt to survive climate change

Here’s how Quebec needs to adapt to survive climate change

If Quebec wants to survive climate change, it must accelerate the protection of 30% of its territory’s lands and water bodies and quickly update the Quebec building code to take climate change into account.

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Here are two measures proposed by the Panel of Experts on Adapting to Climate Change (GEA), which will release its report on Tuesday morning.

Established on September 26 by the Ministry of the Environment, the GEA is responsible for advising the Quebec government on priorities to be promoted in the fight against climate change, wildlife and parks, joint actions managed by the state of Quebec.

Dozens of meetings have been held over the past few years by the two co-chairs, Alain Borg, director of Uranos, and Alain Webster, chair of the Advisory Committee on Climate Change and 12 other members. to guide future decisions.

“The climate will change,” Mr. Webster, a professor at the University of Sherbrooke, said all major government plans should take this into account. Dams, infrastructure, roads will be affected by warming, even under the most optimistic scenarios.

Every dollar invested in adapting to climate change can save $15 in the future, Mr. Borg outlined.

More information to come.

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