Mayor Miranda lost control

Mayor Miranda lost control

Mayor Louis Miranda rules over Anjou, and the sovereigns rule over their kingdom. For 25 years, he was mayor of this suburb east of Montreal.

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As life is, there are problems of incivility in Anjou, as everywhere else. Little tatas break the rules and damage street furniture, like in parks…always.

At the end of August, Anjou banned free football to restore order on the synthetic pitches of the Concorde, Lucie-Bruno and Roger-Rousseau parks.

Youngsters riding bicycles and scooters on artificial football pitches appear to be damaging the surface. Supervisors were insulted when they intervened. In short, small Bumps.

Even Mayor Luis Miranda was personally sent along for the ride by the little ones Bumps. An enraged First Magistrate did not do one or two, closing the lands he claimed for free football beaches…

The reaction of young footballers from Anjou: what about us? We do nothing? Are we being punished for the slips of some little fool?

Feeling unfairly wronged, one of the young men did what any citizen could do: he presented himself at the municipal council to ask Mayor Miranda to reconsider his positions and make allowances. His Name: Hosin Onti.

I watched the video footage of the October 4 town hall meeting. Young Ouendi is very polite. He quietly calls the mayor, during question time, asking him to reconsider his decision…

Hocine Ouendi is 15 years old. In the exchange, Hocine Ouendi is calm and respectful. Guess who looks like the angry teenager who was told he couldn’t play with his PS4 because he didn’t do his math homework? Yes, Luis Miranda, 67 years old.

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With an evil look, the mayor repeatedly interrupts young Owendi, constantly teasing him, complaining about the youth’s behavior, who grumbles and interrupts the young man again, before telling the breathless story of the moment he, the mayor, intervened. Young men and women, how he was dishonored!

There is even a line dance of old men being disrupted by these young people, just imagine!

Not Confused : Mayor Miranda yells at young Owendi as if she has the entire terrifying Parc Concorde gang in front of her.

At one point, the mayor interrupts his rant and admits to being “aggressive” with the young Ouendi. But be careful: he has a good reason! He, the mayor, would have been treated “aggressively” on the subject of a petition targeting him! Loudly suspects young Owendi as one of the signatories.

Anyway, Mayor Miranda is freaking out.

Fun fact, the mayor also thought Hosein Owendi was an adult. However, Hocine Ouendi is 15 years old. When he discovers this, the mayor is carried away again: “If I knew, I wouldn’t answer you! “Then he said to the young man’s mother, still fragile, “I should not have spoken to him! »

However, the young man had the right to ask questions, and he quietly asked a reasonable one: Aren’t you punishing the majority of youth who are not causing trouble by acting against the minority?

The mayor responded with fury: file closed!

I am not saying that Mayor Miranda is wrong in the sense of incivility. I am not an expert on Angers public security. Maybe these little ones Bumps People on scooters are as terrifying as Hell’s Angels and “it’s good to live and thrive” in a city where soccer fields must be closed to restore law and order, Mayor Miranda said in a letter to his citizens.1…

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I’d say a mayor who loses control of a young man who asks appropriate questions in a civilized and legal manner in city council is the boil of a certain democratic ideal. We need some Children 15-year-olds come to hunt elected officials quietly and respectfully. But Mayor Miranda says: At 15, a teenager shouldn’t be challenging the mayor.

After 25 years as mayor, a stump of power can go to one man’s head, like closing down football stadiums, figure…

I also say, Mr. Mayor, you must answer one question, the question you asked the mother of young Oonty…

You said you didn’t have “that problem” in baseball, swimming pool, tennis, or hockey, and you insisted: On these playgrounds, people have respect…

Then, after strangely commanding the mother to “educate your children” (she seems devilishly well-educated): “Ask yourself, ‘Why do I have this problem with football?’. Asking the question is answering it…”

Mr. Mayor, can you enlighten us?

The answer that seems most obvious to you is: Why are these “problems” happening only in football?

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