Hurricane in Mussoorie | “Everyone is in shock”

Uprooted trees, torn roofs, smashed cars. One person was killed and two others were injured in what became known as Muscat after a hurricane struck Monday afternoon.

Alice Girard-Boss

Alice Girard-Boss

“I was inside and in our living room, I saw a big brown circle coming. We had time to get out of the windows,” Louis O’Malley said a few hours after the event.

Just before 4pm on Monday, a hurricane struck the DuPont Department and the Nellingen Crescent in downtown Muscat. A father in his sixties, who had taken refuge in his barn to escape the hurricane, lost his life when his barn flew, and took him away at once.

“With my next-door neighbor, we went to work with his wife. It’s so sad, everyone knows each other,” he said.Me O’Malley.

Demolished house

Across the street, a house under construction has been completely demolished.

This is very sad for the family. It is heartbreaking to hear their children cry.

Louis O’Malley, a resident of the neighborhood

When the three children returned from school, they found their house in ruins. “The house was floating in the air,” said boy Isaac Hamil. The housework was to be completed next fall. The family will have to relocate.

With the children, three psychologists sat on the edge of the sidewalk. “We are here to provide support to people in need,” said Cynthia Lemme, who works at CISS de lanador.

About fifty families have been affected

On some more streets, Robert Fournier saw city staff cutting down trees that had been uprooted from his land. “At one point it started blowing, my wife was walking up the window, she was screaming. A crazy wind came,” he said. His roof was torn and the roofs of his house shattered under the impact of the strong wind.

Photo by Franois Roy, Press

Robert Fornier is waiting on the edge of the sidewalk unable to enter his house.

In total, about 50 houses were damaged. “I was out when the hurricane hit. I went and ran inside to hide. I had trouble closing the door because of the wind, ”said Alexandre Levac. Upon arrival Press, He was busy picking up rubbish on his land. His family came to give him a hand.

“It was painful, but at least for me it was property damage,” he said. Total loss of his car. The roof of his house was completely torn down and all the windows were smashed.

Photo by Franois Roy, Press

Alexandre Levac in front of his car

“Directly behind my house”

Many witnesses took their cell phones and filmed the scene and shared the pictures on social media. This is the position of Marco Buckett. “The hurricane went straight behind my house. I saw cars with broken windows and broken trees. There is even a house under construction and it has been completely cut in half, ”he says.

His videos of the event have been shared over 19,000 times on Facebook. The young man cannot get to witness this event. “Everyone is shocked. ”

By Monday evening, all of the dangerous tree branches had been pruned. The cleanup work will continue Tuesday. “It’s an old neighborhood, mature trees, so we have to cut down a lot,” Press The mayor of the city of Mussoorie, Quilm Tremble, said he was satisfied with the pace at which the cleaning teams were being carried out.

To help nearby residents, a service center has been opened at the Pavilion to Grand Cotto. The mayor said victims can sleep there and get electricity to recharge their cell phones.

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Quebec Prime Minister Franois LeCald and Public Safety Minister Genevieve Gilbold shared their thoughts with family and loved ones who lost their lives in the hurricane. “Our government teams are mobilizing on the ground to help the victims and support the municipal authorities,” the minister pointed out on Twitter.

Hurricane warning

On Monday afternoon, Environment Canada confirmed that it was indeed a hurricane. “We need to get to that point with more details and assign that category,” said Simon Legalt, a meteorologist with Environment Canada. This visit should be made in the next few days.

Quebec records an average of seven hurricanes a year, but they are rare to cause such damage. The expert explains that the strength of a hurricane depends on the strength of the wind rather than its magnitude. ” That [de Mascouche] It doesn’t look very significant, but the damage is very noticeable on the ground, ”he says.

Earlier on Monday, a hurricane warning was issued for the Lewis, Lodpinier and Saint-Lambert departments. Belleschஸ்s, C -te d’Ivoire – LD Orleans, Quebec City and Valcardier – Stoneham were also warned of severe thunderstorms.

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