A hurricane causes damage to the muscovite

Environment Canada has confirmed that the cone, which was filmed on social networks by many Internet users and then shared, is in fact a hurricane.

However, the agency could not specify the location of the landslide or the strength of the wind.

We do not know if this incident caused any injuries.

A witness who was in business at the time of the meteorological inspection reported significant damage.

There is a lot of damage to the roofs, Hughes said in an interview with Jobin Live with Patrice Roy.

There are houses divided into two. There are branches that have entered the houses. Trees have fallen on vehicles.

An excerpt from:Hughes Jobin, a witness

I was sure it was going to fly all over the store, He said, explaining that the hurricane had passed Front, diagonally.

To make sure I was safe, I was so scared, He said, is still shaken.

He says police, firefighters and paramedics were also at the scene.

Damaged building on Semin St.-Henry in Muscat.

Photo: Radio-Canada

Other residents of Muscat saw damage, including trees that were decades old.

The damage is enormous. But the people of Muscat, together, we will wake up. We have no choice, John comments, regrets the major breakdown of a property owned by his father.

Surveillance with severe thunder

Clocks with severe thunderstorms are going on in southern Quebec. Other departments of Lanadier experienced intense storm episodes similar to Monterey.

In Quebec City, the environment was monitored by Canada Creating a severe thunderstorm About an hour in the Lewis and Saint-Lambert fields.

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Doppler radar shows a possible hurricane Heading northeast near Saint-Lambert-de-Lawson, Referring to the federal system in the warning issued at 4:50 p.m., and then raised to 5:46 p.m.

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