September 23, 2023

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Hydro-Québec: Alleged Chinese spy, Yuesheng Wang, wants his freedom back

Hydro-Québec: Alleged Chinese spy, Yuesheng Wang, wants his freedom back

Former Hydro Quebec employee Accused of espionage He had transferred classified documents, including those related to a joint project with the US military, to his private email.

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The trial of Yusheng Wang's release continues this Thursday at the Langueil court.

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The trial of Yusheng Wang’s release continues this Thursday at the Langueil court.

This is one of the testimonies revealed today during Yusheng Wang’s acquittal hearing, which is due to return to Longueuil court tomorrow.

The suit also alleged that he published research for Chinese companies and sent goods to China.

The investigation surrounding the 35-year-old’s conduct began in March when one of his managers discovered a publication Wang had written for a Chinese company while he was a researcher for Hydro-Québec.

In total, the State Corporation will have identified nine scientific publications published in this format.

According to testimony from the RCMP’s lead investigator in the case, Annie Roy, Wang allegedly got her hands on two patents she obtained without her employer’s authorization.

Among other things, Wang was accused of espionage for obtaining industrial secrets as part of his duties at Hydro-Québec.

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Banned emails

RCMP were able to trace several emails sent from Wang’s work address to his home address.

Wang allegedly sent him the content of two secret Hydro-Quebec projects, including “Uniform.” However, the accused did not participate in this program, which was conducted in collaboration with the US Army.

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The RCMP discovered two material export tabs from its Hydro-Quebec research center to the China Institute of Physics.

Investigators were able to trace about fifteen service offers Wang made to Chinese universities and two to the 1000 Talents program, which aims to attract top-level researchers to come and work in the Middle Kingdom.

“Wang told me he loved his job at Hydro-Quebec and loved Canada, but would go to work in China under the right conditions,” said Corporal Stacey Gagne of the RCMP during his cross-examination.

A member of the Communist Party

Before joining Hydro-Québec in 2016, Wang reportedly worked at HiNa Battery, a company owned by Huawei and the Chinese government. However, he did not write in his CV that he obtained four patents during his stay.

The accused, however, denied any association with the company during his trial, which will continue tomorrow morning.

But he admitted in court that he belonged to the Chinese Communist Party but had stopped paying his dues a few years ago.

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